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20 Groups and Pages for Freelance Academic Writers to Follow on Facebook


I repeatedly talk about the importance of social networks in the freelance academic writing career because they really play an essential role in self-promotion and development. When you exploit them the right way, they provide you with many opportunities of connecting with necessary people and earning extra money. Being used for those purposes, Facebook has proved itself to be the most effective social network for freelance academic writers, especially for networking in specialized groups and engaging in different discussions on pages.


As a result, if you pay enough attention to your activity on Facebook and follow certain groups and pages, you will be able to:


  • learn latest information about academic writing news and trends;
  • know the common problems and their solutions;
  • add to friends your colleagues and potential employers to widen your network;
  • spot job proposals and apply to them;
  • participate in discussions to share your experience or learn new valuable information;
  • build your online reputation and promote yourself.


These are important advantages that can actually bring your career to another level, so don’t neglect them and start joining the groups and pages. But before this, you need to understand the difference between a Facebook group and a Facebook page to know all the actions you can take to embrace the advantages of social networking.


NB: I’ll name only those distinctive features that influence those abovementioned actions you are going to take in FB groups and pages to develop your career. Generally, they have much wider functionality and more options to use.

Facebook Pages


When you visit an FB page, you can like it to follow its news. If you want to write your own post, it won’t appear on the wall of the page but it will placed among the Visitor Posts.



Of course, you are able to comment on the discussions posted on the main wall and sometimes even write a message to the owner of the page. Most often an FB pages are used by writing agencies to widespread news and announcements or post job offers.


FB Pages for Freelance Academic Writers to Follow


  1. EssayLancers

  2. Freelance Writing Jobs

  3. Freelance writing jobs, freelance writers, jobs for writers

  4. Freelance Academic Writing Jobs in Kenya

  5. Academic Writing Skills

  6. Writerbay

  7. UvoCorp Freelance Writing Jobs


There are more pages that can suit your goals if you start looking for more specific ones, like certain writing agencies you want to apply for or academic writing communities of your country.

Facebook Groups


First of all, FB groups differ from pages visually. Their main attribute is the wall where you can post your announcements, questions or proposals. Moreover, you can create a poll and sell something (very useful options as well). Groups can be public (anyone can join freely), closed (you must send a request to join and the owner must approve) and secret (you can only be added or invited by the owner/member of the group).


FB Groups for Freelance Academic Writers to Follow



  2. Freelance Academic Writers (FAW)

  3. Academic Writers Online

  4. Academic Research Writers

  5. Academic Writers Bureau

  6. Freelance Writers

  7. Academia Research Writers [Reformed]

  8. Freelance Writers Place

  9. Global Academic Writers Association (GAWA)

  10. Absyntech Writing Solutions

  11. Academic Writing Projects


  13. Writer’s Forum


FB groups are aimed at communication mostly, so there are much more chances that your questions will be answered and proposals will be noticed.


Overall, it is very important to be aware of all the latest news and trends that refer to the academic writing industry and FB resources are perfect means to find that all out. You may divide their intended purposes:


  • FB pages are for following the news of certain writing agencies and
  • FB groups are for communication, job hunting and discussions.


Anyway, they prove to be extremely efficient and prolific for career advancements in freelance academic writing. So, follow, communicate and stay informed!


About the Author:

Larry Milbourne is a senior freelance academic writing supervisor at – the online community of freelance academic writers from all over the world. Larry has in-depth knowledge and experience in the academic writing industry.



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    Great article! I love learning about the history of blogging and writing for the web. I like how just a few minor tweaks can give a pitch an edge. Thanks!

    • Essaylancers

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      You are welcome! We are very glad that you find this article useful!

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