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Alla Okhrimenko: How Academic Writing Can Change the World?




Alla Okhrimenko is a freelance academic writer from Sumy, Ukraine. She works with several agencies but always prefers to write for private customers, when there is an opportunity. Her favorite topics are related to politics, history and social studies. In this article she shared her philosophical ideas on the values behind the freelance academic writing.

When EssayLancers asked me to give some tips for new academic writers, I didn't want to do it. Why? I don't believe in such pieces of advice because they never help me much. "Do more research," "never miss a deadline," "be responsive," - all this doesn't make sense for most of the writers just beginning their career because every author makes his own mistakes and becomes better this way. At least it is my story. Then I started thinking, why academic writing is so important for me. Why is it important in general? I know that papers I write help my clients to deal with an overwhelming load of college tasks, but is it really what makes my work valuable? Partly yes. But only partly. Here are my reasons why academic writing is so important for me and the world.

Academic Writing Gives Jobs Where They Are Needed the Most

There are academic writers in UK and US, but mostly people choose this occupation in countries with sufficiently good education but not fully developed economy. I am speaking about Ukraine, Philippines, India, Pakistan, and of course, Kenya. Due to the currency rates in these countries being paid in US dollars helps educated people to earn decent money.

Academic Writing Prises Intelligence

It is a job for nerds. And I believe this world is slowly becoming the world for nerds, so we, writers, are in trend. Our occupation is about applying pure knowledge and research to earn money. This way the intelligence is praised as it is, and motivates writers to learn more in order to earn more. There are not many other activities which require constant studying and getting better in different fields at once.

Academic Writing Decreases Intolerance and Erases Borders

I live in a rather small regional center of Ukraine. Lot's of people here are strongly intolerant towards anything "abnormal." For many of them, "normal" is embodied in the heritage of USSR, and they still trust news on TV.  I have noticed how my understanding of the diversity has changed after I started working as a freelance writer. I communicate with other authors sometimes, and I see them as equal, and they see me the same. This way I feel the world being much less dangerous and dysfunctional than I thought it is, than it is shown on TV.

Academic Writing Makes Migration Easier

When I am thinking about leaving Ukraine for another country, I know that I can support myself with academic writing almost in every part of the world, at least from the very beginning. Of course, it wouldn't be sufficient in US or UK, but in the most of the EU countries my academic writing income is enough to start a new life, while looking for some more constant and profitable job. I don’t plan to do it now, but the mere possibility of that makes me feel more confident.

Academic Writing Helps Empowering Women

I know it sounds a little strained, but if you think deeper, it is true. At I see profiles and articles of women from the regions where the women’s rights are not followed good enough, and I admire those women. Academic writing gives them a chance to apply their knowledge and earn money, to be independent, support families and continue education when needed.


I am sure, there are lots of writers who never thought of this impact academic writing has on the world, but it is how I see my job, and that is why I am so proud of it. I would really like new writers to read my thoughts about the value of academic writing. These thoughts won’t assist them regarding grammar, but they will help them to understand a meaning behind their daily writing routine.


  • jiya

    22.05.2017 08:03

    Well, it's very interesting post, truly inspired by your work. Academic Writing is very good medium for professionals to communicate with other fellow writers through different channels which helps them in increase in the social and academic level. Your one interesting point just click my mind that academic writing empower women, i have lot of house wives and phd students working. I have my own website & i keep it as a medium for writers to come join my community and get work.

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