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Hall of Fame: the Story of Dana Ayres - an Academic Writer from the USA


By Essaylancers

Academic Hall of Fame
10.08.2016 14:00

Dana Ayres is an American academic writer who started her career more than 20 years ago. She decided to tell us her story of becoming a fully-featured writer. How did she start to write academic papers for money? What difficulties did she come across? What changed her working process and how did she adapt? Read her revelations and find out.

In the Beginning…

I was wondering what I would say about my academic writing career and I chose to start from the very beginning, when it was really difficult and seemed like more of a hustle than a viable trade.


In today’s world with internet start-ups popping up every day, the prospect of academic writing proves itself to be a highly feasible one. But, I remember the days when freelance writing was a literal hustle. I can remember back as early as my freshman year in college when I had to write a quickie paper on the Communist Manifesto, a topic in which I had no background information. I was requested to do the short read and hammer out a 15-page report. I did it for a whopping $20 on a two-day last minute notice. To add to the pressure, I did this for the sister of a good friend of mine I’d known since the elementary school. As you could probably guess, I definitely could NOT say no under such circumstances. Needless to say, the paper was not my best work. But, in spite of the ordeal, I learned then that being an English major could have its lucrative advantages. I also thought that I could possibly turn this into a business and make way more money doing much better work under far less pressure. But, there were technical drawbacks, at that time that I hadn’t considered yet.

My Own Technological “Stone Age”

My freshman year was the late 80’s and the Internet was non-existent then. By the early 90’s, desktop publishing was new and it was a technology I had plenty of fascination for, but no patience to learn. I fumbled along creating brochures and business cards to add to my creative repertoire, but I could only complete the tasks at a free computer terminal in a library or at work. I was able to use these terminals only for short periods of time since I couldn’t afford a computer of my own. Laptops were way out of my budget as well. As the years went by, I would complete a paper here and there, aside from my own, for a few bucks, but my dreams of making a business out of my craft took a back seat to finding steady jobs to pay back student loans, rent and other living expenses because I was under the illusion that steady work was the best option and my dreams would have to wait until there was the right moment to for them…

Perseverance: A Sign of Success

Although, it was hard for me, I never abandoned my dreams of becoming a full-time academic writer and the right moment for it came together with Professional Writing Services. What does it prove? Well, it actually demonstrates 3 things:


  • If really want something, it will happen no matter what.
  • It is important to find the right factor that will stimulate you to success (for me it’s Professional Writing Services).
  • It’s never too late.


Academic writing is just one of my many specialties, but, when I want to rest on the conventional, more disciplined level of expression, academic writing is the perfect rest and a sure path to success. Is it for everyone? Certainly not, but, I’ve taken some really hard hits in this writing biz and it is because of my drive and fortitude that I know I am doing the right thing, I love what I do and I am bound to be successful at it.  

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