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How to Communicate with a Client the Right Way


The success of freelance content writing jobs online greatly depends on effective communication with clients. But if we talk specifically about freelance academic writing then it’s even more important to find a common ground with a person who orders a paper form you. Both  essays or dissertations involve many details, which - if omitted - can lead to both your client’s frustration and your bad reputation. But it’s not the reason to panic: if you polish your socializing skills and follow a certain code, you won’t have any problems with your customers  anymore! Moreover, we’ve created a list of steps you need to take while communicating with clients, so, grab them and put them into practice!

1. Set Your Own Rules

It is significant to determine what services you deliver to avoid any misunderstandings that can happen.  Do you provide free revisions? Do you agree to make changes in the paper if the original requirements didn’t include them? Are you available at any time? You need to make a certain set of rules to discuss with a client before you accept the order to avoid future mishaps.

2. Ask Many Questions

When you are given the task, don’t hesitate to ask all the clarifying questions. It will help you  draw a clear picture of the task. Yes, I know:  sometimes it seems like the client will think that you are not qualified enough if you don’t understand the task right away. But it’s better to seem a little bit silly than have problems with a customer as a result of your indecision.

3. Report about Your Progress

If you are writing a lengthy text like a research paper or a thesis, it’s quite effective to send occasional emails to your client with short reports of your progress. This way they will know that you are working on their order and will deliver the paper within the set deadlines. Moreover, they can make certain corrections in the process if you do something wrong.

4. Never Make Decisions without Consulting a Client

If you think that it’s better to use the qualitative analysis for that research paper, don’t integrate any changes before you get an approval from your client. You never know whether the task is assigned by a professor or students choose the type of writing on their own. In any case, you must follow the requirements of your clients, not your personal opinion.

5. Be Open to Revisions

Let’s admit it: you sometimes make mistakes because … it just happens. You may misunderstand the requirements that were sent to you at 3 a.m. or you had a particularly nasty headache when you were checking the written paper and missed several inconsistencies. But it’s not a problem if you are ready to revise and polish your writing until your client is fully satisfied.

6. Be Nice

Online communication has its flaws and you always need to take them into account. Some simple sentence that seems normal to you can appear rude to your client and your communication can be spoiled from the very beginning. So, always check your messages twice and never omit pleasantries. Your client will have a much better attitude to your work if you just wish them a good day.


These simple steps will help you avoid troubles in communication with your customers because this list is made out of my own experience which was earned with the help of tries and fails. So, you can consider yourself pretty lucky because you don’t need to learn that on your own. Follow these steps and be successful academic writers no matter what clients you get. Good luck!

About the Author:

Larry Milbourne is a senior freelance academic writing supervisor at – the online community of freelance academic writers from all over the world. Larry has in-depth knowledge and experience in the academic writing industry.


  • daffodils007

    16.02.2016 14:21

    great tips !!! very informative....nice article

  • BestWritrer

    22.02.2016 13:28

    I like every sentence, the whole concept and the approach taken in the article

  • BestWritrer

    22.02.2016 13:29

    I am looking forward to someone sharing some of the things they look in the test essays for different companies.

  • james520

    01.03.2016 11:55

    i like this description, quit well understood.

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