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How to Earn More Money If You Are Not a Newbie Anymore


Every freelance academic writer comes to a moment in their career when they become quite experienced in their field but their income doesn’t grow. This is a common situation because you don’t really know how to step into another level of freelance academic writing and don’t feel self-confident enough to try new domains or use different techniques. But don’t worry, we understand your concerns and are here to eliminate them. So, how to make more money from academic writing jobs if you feel that you are not a newbie any longer and deserve more? Go on reading and find out.

Go over the Speed Limit

If you think that you need to start earning more, raise your productivity. As Erick Awino has told us in his article on how to become top rated in a writing agency, the biggest problem of writers who can’t climb up the career ladder is that “they spend too much time on completing their tasks”. It means that you must attempt to do everything faster: track the time you spend on this or that part of the assignment and think how you can decrease it. Make use of different productivity techniques as well – they have helped millions of freelancers to become more efficient, so you won’t be an exception.

Take up More Orders

After you succeed in increasing your speed of completing academic writing jobs, you’ll have more free time to get more orders. This way you will not only gain more profit, but also become a valuable employee with high performance (which will definitely result in a great resume). However, if you are not able to take more orders from your regular employer, look for them on the side: ask your friends/colleagues whether they can get you some gigs, or request your employer to make referrals.

Try Editing/Proofreading Gigs

If you’ve taken up as much writing orders as you could and you still think that you can earn more, try doing this kind of jobs. They are much less time-consuming than academic papers, so it will be rather convenient to proofread and edit someone else’s writing during your breaks between writing sessions. Of course, the payments for such gigs are usually lower than for academic writing jobs, but this is still money.

Raise Your Rates

It can sound daunting, but if you don’t want to raise your productivity, tackle more assignments or have a go at editing/proofreading, this is your best option. In fact, this is a logical scenario for a freelance academic writer who have been in the industry for a while and gained some experience. And you don’t need to be afraid that your employer/client will turn down your request because if you do your job well, you will be valued as a good specialist, and such a turn of events will not be questioned.

Give away Free Advice

Such a tip after advising you to raise your rates seems strange, but it really works. If you’ve decided to demand bigger payments for completed orders, you sometimes need to show that you are worth it and answering questions concerning academic writing and consulting on the problems with the papers can work out pretty well for you, especially if you’d like to ….

Find Your Own Clients

When you raise your rates, not very good employers can refuse to pay you more and that’s the signal that you must attempt to look for direct clients. Providing free advice here can become a great tool, especially on forums and social networks where desperate students try to figure out their academic issues and seek help from their peers or writing experts. Such a perspective can be very beneficial for you, as students value high quality academic writers and tell their friends about them.

Engage in Personal Branding

All of the steps mentioned above assume that you have a great image of an academic writing expert with a good reputation and credentials. But if you don’t have it yet, then you need to work on it to become well-known in certain circles. This will greatly help you to get hired by trustworthy employers and well-paying clients, so don’t neglect this side of your career.


These significant tips will increase your income and you will become more prosperous in the freelance academic writing industry. You’ll turn into an independent self-confident specialist who knows how to make more money and can fulfill the set goals. So, just brace yourself and go for it!


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