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How to Get Published on Different Websites and Expand Your Online Presence


So, do you need to get published on different websites? We’ve talked about this before: you are a freelance academic writer. It means that you are working in a highly competitive industry which attracts hardworking young specialists, established experts and, unfortunately, scams. You need to create the right image of a proficient writer, and publishing on different websites will help you do that because it proves that:


  • you are a real person, not a fake;
  • you have a wide expertise in the field of your occupation (if you write about academic writing);
  • you have a well-rounded and intelligent personality (if you create content on different topics);
  • you are capable of handling serious tasks;
  • your writing level allows you to write for trustworthy and reputable online resources.


Convinced to give it a shot? Then, learn how to get published the right way as it is not an easy task. You can’t just send a text that you’ve produced in haste and expect that it will go online anyway. So, let’s get started!


Go to the List of 50 Write for Us Websites

This is a great head start for those who don’t know where to look for websites that need additional content. The websites are categorized into 5 different groups (education, writing, creativity/inspiration, lifestyle and technology) for you to have a wide choice while making up your mind what you are going to write about. You should create content on aspects that you have deep understanding of or that interest you much. Choose a resource with the most suitable and appealing topic and get to the next step!


Research the Chosen Website

Why do you need to do that? If you want to get published on a certain website, you won’t do without even basic info about it. You must be aware of:


  • its style of writing;
  • topics covered;
  • the most popular articles;
  • things readers discuss in the comments;
  • the range of guest authors that have already been published.


These findings will create a foundation for success in your next move.


Make up a Pitch

When you intend to write a post for a particular website, you need to make sure that it will be accepted. Otherwise, you’ll waste your time and efforts. That’s why you need to create a pitch: a topic (make up a catchy title taking into account the most popular content on the website and the topics that have been already covered) + a brief outline of the content you will include into your future writing. This way the webmaster/admin will have a clear understanding what you are going to write about and will be able to give you a clear answer.


Send a Persuasive Email

So, now you have a pitch that you need to deliver via email. But you can’t just send a topic and outline, you need to tell a bit about yourself. Mention your experience in writing, add links to your previous publications (if you have such), include your blog (again, if you have it), state your specialization in writing and tell why you will be a good author for this kind of article (like you have the necessary qualifications, or relevant background).


Write a High Quality Post

If your pitch is accepted, don’t slack off, the job is not even half done. Now you have to produce a consistent article that will correspond to the posting guidelines of the website (read them very carefully!!!) and the writing style of the resource. Your article must be original with unconventional views and thoughts to get the readers interested.


Polish Your Writing

Here you can successfully practice your editing skills and make your post error-less and worthy. If you still have some doubts whether you’ll eliminate all the mistakes, pull in your friend or hire a proofreader. When you get published on different websites in order to create an image of an expert, articles with grammar mistakes or inconsistent content won’t impress anyone. So, proofread and edit them thoroughly.


Add Links to Your Social Profiles

After everything is done, don’t forget about your bio before or after your post (different websites have different positioning). In this 2-3 sentence description you briefly tell who you are and insert a link to your social profile and mention that you run your personal blog (if you have it). This is the exact part that will lead people to your profiles, increase your followers and boost your reputation.



So, if you’ve decided to enter the path of developing your reputation, start surfing the list of sources searching for content. Our step-by-step strategy will help you get published on reliable websites and even get hired because people wishing to find real writing experts very often contact guest writers of the websites they often read. Think about that when you are not sure whether it is worth it or not.  


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