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It’s Money in the Bank: 4 Strategies for Working with Several Agencies at Once



Academic writing is a battlefield. Or a chessboard. Or a stock market with its stakes, bears and bulls. When you work with one agency only, it is not a big deal to manage your routine. But if you prefer to diversify risks by writing for several websites, you need a solid strategy.  It can be changed once you have reached your goals, but it is critical to keep within one plan of action at the very beginning - even if it means treading a troubled track for a while. We have prepared 4 major strategies for working with several academic writing agencies you might follow in depending on a result you pursue.

Strategy #1. Maximizing Profit During High Season

If you are one of those all-nighters ready to spend 8 months to earn enough money not to be worried during low season, this option is for you. You won’t be able to keep this pace from September to May, excluding January, but you can switch a multitasker mode on for the most peak months. With this strategy, you will be able to gather the most profitable orders from several websites and maximize your monthly earnings significantly, without losing time on generic assignments.


What to do?


  • Fight for the most urgent orders. The closer the deadline is, the more money you receive. Even not too complicated 3-page order can bring you $27 if written in 3-4 hours. Algorithms of writing websites don’t allow you to take several orders with an upcoming deadline at once. This way, normally, you can only catch one highly profitable order per day. Do it from each account.
  • Take risks. Especially it concerns your secondary websites. For example, if you have accounts at EssayShark and Studybay, you can take some “close to the edge” orders at Studybay to maximise profit, but you should be very careful with EssayShark account.
  • Take similar orders. To minimize the time you spend on research, take orders with the close topics and use gathered references for several assignments.

Strategy #2. Keeping Above Water in Low Season

To realize this strategy, you need to succeed in one major task - upgrading every account at every academic writing website you use to a PRO-level. When the orders are scarce, you will be in the first row in every agency to receive at least some. Additionally, PRO writers have from 5 to 20 automatically assigned orders per month, not speaking about 15-25% raise.


What to do?


  • Don’t take risks. Forget about tempting profitable orders with seemingly minor complications for these 2-3 months. No urgent orders, unless it is required to become a PRO, no orders beyond your level of expertise.
  • Keep track of complete assignments. Though agencies claim to save information about your orders for no less than 6 months, you should protect yourself from any possible technical error. Make screenshots of the finished tasks.  
  • Concentrate on simple orders and make clients super pleased. You need to avoid revisions at any cost, so pick orders slightly below your actual level of writing and tolerate even the most demanding and capricious clients.

Strategy #3. Working Only with Interesting Orders

If academic writing is not your only source of living, you are first of all interested in the quality of the work you do and the topics you have to cover. Having several accounts at different academic writing agencies will allow you to choose the cream of the crop among the variety of orders. Most of the big writing services divide “multitaskers” and “experts, ” and you should do what it takes to get into the second category.


What to do?


  • Limit your “featured disciplines” to 3. You cannot be expert in everything, and if you stake on quality and pleasure of writing, you should concentrate only on several major topics.

  • Make a record of your successes. The more you dig into some discipline, the more complicated orders you can handle. Keep track of your best writing achievements and write directly to a support team when you see an exceptionally interesting assignment, using previous tasks as references.

  • Treat each assignment request as a pitch of a year. Don’t just write “I am ready to complete this order” as you would do if you tried to cover the vast field of assignments in half an hour to receive at least some. Write in detail what your ideas regarding this assignment are, and why you consider yourself a perfect candidate to work on it.

Strategy#4. Planning to Create a Writing Group

Academic writers with whom we have discussed this issue don’t recommend using personal accounts for further distributing of the received orders. At the same time, if you want to do it as a demo try while creating your dream team and waiting for all their accounts to be confirmed - it might be a viable solution. Using accounts at different academic writing websites will allow minimizing risks of account termination.


What to do?


  • Take orders with the remote deadlines. This way you can make sure that even if your team member lets you down, you will have enough time to fix everything and be on time.

  • Take orders in the variety of disciplines. It is risky to step beyond your standard choices, but necessary if you want to receive a constant flow of assignments.

  • Track the activities to keep it seem real. Even if orders at some website seem very tempting, keep it real, and don’t take more than 3 assignments from one source per day. The suspended account will cost you more than the potential profit of this venture.


There should be a strategy #5, and it should be called “for Superhumans.” Superhumans make all their accounts PRO in a month, constantly and without revisions work with risky, profitable, urgent orders and successfully delegate some assignments to increase monthly earnings. But we don’t write for imaginary heroes, we write for real writers, and real writers should follow real strategies.






  • UserWriter

    01.02.2018 14:43

    Interesting strategy Strategy #3. Working Only with Interesting Orders, but if you are a writer at safe essay service then you don't have such amazing opportunity and need to do all the tasks

  • jamie12

    05.02.2018 10:14

    Really good article for freelance writers. I would also read about time management tips for this profession

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