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Life beyond Writing: 5 Success Stories of Freelance Academic Writers


By Essaylancers

Writers Beyond Writing
11.05.2016 12:08

Remember we told you to be proud of yourself? We hope that you took it seriously because we have something for you that will prove  our claims are not empty words. Freelance academic writers are incredible people who have broad world outlook and are open to any new information, and it doesn’t matter whether it brings some benefit to them or not; they know that in the future it may play an important role in their career and decision-making.


Taking that into account you know that there are writers who combine freelance academic writing with another occupation of their choice (or are you one of them?). Sometimes it is an editing or transcription job that requires similar writing skills, and often it involves completely different knowledge like engineering or programming. But there are also writers who have decided to apply their skills for the good of other people, and that’s exactly who we are going to tell you about.

1. Sheeroh Kiarie, the Founder of

Sheeroh is a freelance professional who achieved success not only in freelance academic writing but also in transcription and blogging. She has founded where she publishes useful articles on freelancing in general, academic writing, financial tips, etc. She also provides transcription training and has released several ebooks the most recent of which is Online Jobs: What You Need to Know about Working Online. Sheeroh delivers valuable information that is based on her own experience: she is happy to share some life hacks with her audience and that’s the beauty of her blog. 

Moreover, everything she does greatly adds up to her popularity so you might want to take that into account. When you help people to learn something new and to solve their troubles, they’ll return the favor.

2. Stella Nasirumbi, the Intern at UN-Habitat

Having finished the University of Nairobi with the specialization in international law and legal studies, Stella has excellent legal writing skills that are of great value in freelance academic writing. But, instead of limiting herself to one occupation she has become an intern at UN-Habitat. It’s a program focused on human settlements that have a lack of proper housing, problematic infrastructure, rapid increase of slums, poverty and unemployment. While undergoing her internship she has learned the intricacies of human rights state in different countries and obtained some insights on urban development challenges. 

In her own words she “enjoyed every moment of it”. Stella will continue working in this sphere and will engage in activities to help people live better lives all over the world. Isn’t that just amazing?

3. James Banjo, the Founder of Banjo Imperial College

James has been in the education field for more than 20 years. He worked as a math and physics teacher and was even a principal at college. Then he decided to earn money writing. But, that wasn’t  enough and he made up his mind that “it is natural for me to found a college and instill the standards I have always clamored for in my students” because he wants to widespread knowledge and make his fellow citizens educated. That’s how Banjo Imperial College appeared. 

It is a private secondary school in Nigeria founded in 2011 that delivers high quality education to its young students. James has incredible goals in life and achieves them no matter what. Establishing an educational institution is a real success story and something you should look up to.

4. Geraldyn Rodriguez Acibron, the Volunteer Photographer and Videographer

Geraldyn is a 19-year-old Filipino student at Foundation University. She has been studying Broadcast Communication for 3 years and has volunteered to participate in her university “Greyhound studio” as a photographer and videographer. She says that volunteering is not easy because it takes much time and efforts but as a result she gets to do videos like this. Moreover, she meets great people on her way and obtains very useful experience for her future. 

But, that is not all: Geraldyn writes about students who struggle to get by and do everything they can to earn some extra money. She is full of aspirations and hopes about the future of humanity and does her best to help other people. Are you already inspired to do something like this?

5. Wilfred Letawa, the Founder of is an info website that publishes articles about different cultures and tips on traveling around Africa. Wilfred founded it in 2014 and considers it to be one of his lifetime achievements, and he thinks so for a reason: the noble aim of this website is to widespread information about African cultural background. Apart from this, Wilfred has extensive experience in volunteering: he worked with children and future mothers for 4 months in 2010 and now he cooperates with UK and Kenyan volunteers and helps them educate people on entrepreneurship business development. 

This is the movement in the right direction, and his activities deserve a great deal of respect. Don’t you think so?


These are success stories that are worth being spread because freelance academic writers from this article have accomplished great goals. Moreover, their activity is highly beneficial not only for themselves but also for people who surround them. Maybe after reading about their achievements you get enough motivation and inspiration to create a project of your own or you’ll just be happy to know the people who do their best to make the world a better place.



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    I love to read success stories and these are some of the best success stories I've read. As a writer working at the professional essay writers myself, I am quite happy to learn about these success stories today. It's very nice.

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