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Looking for Inspiration? Pheeew … Here You Go

Lily Wilson

By Lily Wilson

Writing Tips and How-to’s
18.09.2015 11:51


So, no wonder there are tons of tips and guidelines on how to get inspired properly. And creative people, freelance academic writers including, desperately rush from one website to another to find this ephemeral feeling. We need to find the way to pour out our deep knowledge in numerous fields and bring the light to masses. But the truth is that everything becomes boring over some time and this inspirational stuff starts to produce an entirely different effect on your productivity.


That’s why I’ve decided to present my version of things you need to do when you are in need of a spiritual kick in the butt. So, my dear writers, 10 secrets of eternal inspiration: read and inspire.


Secret # 1: Listen to the Pirates of the Caribbean Theme

Nothing is impossible with this tune. Taking over the Black Pearl? Checked. Beating the villainous Davy Jones? Checked. Writing a research paper over the night? Double checked!


Secret #2: Read One Chapter of the Game of Thrones

You know the feeling when you empathize with your favorite characters from the book and you are sure that everything will be ok and … Somebody always dies in the Game of Thrones (oh ... poor John Snow). At such moments I get very angry and ready to burst out with words (damn Lannisters). That's when I quickly start writing.


Secret #3: Eavesdrop on Other People

Have you noticed what people discuss around you? If not, this is what your writing lacks. They always talk about something current and you've just started writing an essay on police brutality. Believe me, women on the bus know much more than the whole US government!


Secret #4: Read Richard Branson's Success Story

I think his Virgin Group is a source of eternal inspiration. I mean, how many essays do you have to write to found at least your own airlines? Right. Better don’t think. Just write.


Secret #5: Watch a Video about Curling


 After I watched Top Ten Curling Shots I laughed for almost 2 minutes (no offense to curling fans) and then wrote a 500-word essay on the importance of social interaction for students in 30 min. I don't know whether the thing is in curling or laughing, but you should definitely try it.

Secret #6: Sing to YouTube Karaoke


My singing skills are far from being good but I rarely refuse myself in a little moment of fame and you shouldn't too. It's easy: just go to YouTube, type your favorite song and add a karaoke word. It really relieves pressure and you instantly know what to write about. Just a little advice: if you sing Taylor Swift's "Shake it off" like me with all the passion and emotions, close your windows and doors. Don't let your neighbors hear your entire splendor.


Secret #7: Play Candy Crush for One Minute

Every time I don't have the mood to write and all I want to do is to lie and procrastinate I take my phone and play Candy Crush. It takes me about a minute to realize that I waste my time (which I’m always short of) on a game where I crush candies. Just to go to another level. Just to crush candies. Again. Believe me, the feeling of self-disrespect will give you the best incentive to finish that research paper.


Secret #8: Program Yourself for Positive

Aren't inspired enough to finish this article today? Don't worry, you have the whole beautiful night ahead of you. But that's not the best part. Your inspiration will blow your mind during last hour till your deadline. That's when the wonders happen. Isn't that great?


Secret #9: Copy Mick Jagger's Moves 

They say exercising helps you gain much energy and thus you don't have the shortage of inspiration. But what to do, if you don't have the mood even to move your body to the kitchen and make yourself a cup of healing coffee? That's right! You turn on videos with Mick Jagger and copy his moves. I assure you that the inspiration just starts running through your veins. Especially, when you spot somebody spying on you through the doorway.


Secret #10: Meditate Your Legs

Imagine that you are going to meditate and transfer your consciousness to another world. But, the first thing you have to do is to sit in the lotus pose. That's when the fun starts. You try several times to cross your legs in a right way, even watch YouTube tutorial to see whether you do this wrong, try again, laugh at yourself so hard  that your stomach starts to hurt and finally understand that meditation is not for you. Your only love is writing and nothing else.


I hope that these tips will help you gain enough encouragement to finish all you projects and close all your deadlines. Of course, that’s not all. There are much more interesting things you can do but after you’ll be off with these, you’ll have enough inspiration to come up with even better options. Good luck!


PS. And how do you manage to be inspired? Share your methods!


About the Author:

Lily Wilson is a 34 year-old homestay freelance academic writer. Lily runs her personal blog AnAwfulLotofWriting, which is gaining momentum on a regular basis. 


  • Landon

    22.09.2015 12:48

    awesome advice!


    13.02.2017 10:41

    I had frequently lost inspiration when working on tight tight deadlines. You know what? I have received the full dosage for healing the terrible but curable disorder! Thanks for the inspiring advice.

    • Lily Wilson

      15.02.2017 10:36

      Hello! I'm bitter glad to hear that you have found these tips effective. Enjoy :)

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