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Making Money on Fiverr: How to Turn $5 into $500


By Essaylancers

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07.08.2017 08:44


Fiverr is one of the most fast growing freelance platforms. It has an outstanding potential for creative people and we are sure academic writers are in a “God’s Top 10” in this regard.  However, Fiverr significantly differs from other freelance platforms and writing websites, so we decided a small entrance guide will come in handy.

Basic Rules to Make It to the Top on Fiverr

You can read about advantages and disadvantages of this platform here, and if you decide to try entering it, make a use of the following rules:


1. Do a research. Spend a day or two browsing through the offers of your potential rivals. Unlike writing websites, Fiverr requires a simple registration, so you won’t spend time and efforts on additional tests and sample papers. Read offers of other writers and note down bright and well-thought-out descriptions used by the authors in the top list.

2. Make a list of gigs you can perform. We will make some suggestions further in this article, so choose the ones you find applicable and add several ideas based on your experience.

3. Analyze feedbacks before drafting an offer. Find offers similar to yours and get to know what is prized and what is doomed by the existing clients. Use it to state your offer in a better light.

4. Write a description of your gig and decide on a price. Of course, every gig is worth $5. It is a standard for Fiverr, but it doesn’t mean you should do everything for this amount of money. You can state different options of your offer, for example: for $5 you write a page in 7 days, but for additional $5 you do it in 10 hours. You can also construct series of gigs, but make sure the price is a multiple of $5.

5. Choose, make and add visual content. On Fiverr anonymity works only for clients. Make a short, 15-30 seconds long, inviting video about your services and it will surely increase your rating. Try to add an original picture to the description of your offer, as it should distinguish your service from others in the same category.

6. Make first 10 offers as seductive as possible. And of course, work very hard on them. 10 good reviews in a row will give you a rocket start, because a system will rate you with a different index for each further review.

Ideas for Gigs for Academic Writers

1. Classic academic writing. The obvious one, but you should try making it look both a bargain and a high-quality offer. Everyone is pleased to get something valuable for $5. Extend the description of your offer, don’t state just “academic writing for you,” list some processes included, such as research, citing in a proper format, anti-plagiarism check, etc.

2. Academic research. You will be surprised, but clients highly appreciate this gig. Lots of students are eager to pay not for a complete paper but for some parts of it, and getting the preliminary research is one of the most demanded options.

3. Formatting academic papers. Be specific and list a lot of formatting stages you can cover. State that you can work with all possible formatting styles and can make a plain text look like a real academic paper.

4. Proofreading and editing academic papers. Make an offer for a page or for a number of words. It doesn’t truly matter if you are an ENL or ESL writer if your offer is well-versed and your academic writing experience is impressive.

5. Making PowerPoint presentations based on the academic paper. We bet you have noticed the increased amount of orders which include the requirement to add extra PowerPoint slides. Mostly they are used by students to present the outcomes of the academic paper to the class, and mostly they are just a time waste, which students can avoid ordering such a service from you.

6. Making Prezi presentations based on the academic paper. Prezi is less popular and more complicated than a standard presentation, but it only means you will have fewer rivals in the field. Define a price based on the hours of work you need to complete a full presentation, as in Prezi you can’t count on the number of slides in this regard.

7. Writing a peer review. Almost every student from time to time stumbles upon the necessity to read 3-5 articles of other students and write a peer review. As it is more an academic courtesy than a serious task, students gladly hand it over, and you can be the one who will benefit from it.

8. Filling in questionnaires. In Sociology, Marketing, Psychology and some other classes questionnaires are an inevitable part of the course. Mostly, according to the variety of students forums, they are faked, because hardly anyone goes to the streets with a chart in his hand and a smile on his face. Filling in questionnaires is not too hard, so you can earn extra money for a job you can do while watching “Game of Thrones.”


We have gathered these “academic writers only” options for you to start from a safe ground. If we receive enough responses to this article, we will prepare another list of creative gigs not closely related to academic writing but still profitable, easy and fun.



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