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Pros and Cons of Working with Big and Small Writing Agencies


By Essaylancers

Writing Agencies
17.11.2017 16:13


There are dozens of writing agencies in the market and even being the most hardworking writer, you can’t, and actually shouldn’t, try all of them. It is not a secret that writers tend to change agencies, adding new ones to their portfolio and leaving those not answering financial and usability demands anymore. We’ve prepared a roadmap for such occasions: here are our considerations of small and big agencies.

Pros and Cons of Working with Smaller Writing Agencies


Pros   Cons
  • Entry tests are easier and shorter
  • Registration process takes less time
  • 1-stage account confirmation
  • Less attention paid to a writer's communication with clients. It means you can get some direct customers.
  • Less demanding clients, often international students;
  • The support team is more loyal to writers.
  • Prices may start with $2 per page;
  • Limited choice of withdrawing systems;
  • Often a weak and slow support team;
  • Often no monthly grammar and style checks. It means you don’t receive feedback on your mistakes;
  • Almost no orders in a low season.


New and small agencies, such as, and niche national companies have to fight for their place in the market, so they often promote low prices for customers and work for increasing a turnover. If you are a newbie, it is a chance to find your feet in the academic writing field without risking your reputation in a serious agency.


However, experienced writers can benefit from working with such agencies as well. No matter how small the writing service is, it has the bonus program for pro-writers, as it needs authors capable of dealing with the complicated tasks. Such writers build the reputation and they are rewarded. To get a PRO status at such a website is not a too big deal for an experienced academic writer, and he or she can use it as an additional source of interesting orders with which they are assigned for granted.


Pros and Cons of Working with Big Writing Agencies


Pros   Cons
  • Constant flow of orders;
  • Feedback regarding quality as an impetus to your constant growth;
  • Price range starts with $4 per page;
  • Often a proficient support team, which works 24/7 for real;
  • Lots of orders in the narrow disciplines;
  • More user-friendly and convenient interface.
  • Difficult and time-consuming entry process;
  • Often takes more than 6 months to earn a PRO-status;
  • The best orders are often directly given to top 20% of writers, and it is difficult to get into that list;
  • Quality departments assess papers rather strictly;
  • Support system almost always takes the side of the client, especially the returning one.


The benefits of big and often old academic writing agencies, such as EssayShark, UvocorpLivingstonResearch are evident when it comes to the experienced writers. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean newbies shouldn’t try their chances even not having much experience at smaller academic writing sites. Inexperienced authors have two major obstacles to a successful work path at such agencies: entry tests and quality control. To deal with the first obstacle, we recommend to pay attention to the condensed grammar tips from this list and later test your skills with this intricate test.

For more information on how to operate with several accounts at different academic writing sites use this strategy-advisor.



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Pros and Cons of Working with Big and Small Writing Agencies

There are dozens of writing agencies in the market and even being the most hardworking writer, you can’t, and actually shouldn’t, try all of them. It is not a secret that writers tend to ..

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