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ResearchGate for Academic Writers: Benefits to Enjoy and Pitfalls to Avoid


The benefits of ResearchGate for academic writersMost people think that it is quite easy to be a writer, a fiction or nonfiction one. They believe that there is nothing overwhelming about opening several tabs in Google Chrome or textbooks and getting some information to craft a professional piece of writing. Actually, let them be under this particular impression; only we really know how it is to be a writer with a big ‘W’!


And only we know that one of the hardest stages of the writing process is to find out the resources that will be of the needed use when dealing with a paper. And, in this piece, we decided to have a look at one of the sources that will surely come in handy for you as academic writers.


So, the king of this evening is ResearchGate! Get to know how to make use of the service to the fullest as well as what kinds of pitfalls you might face.

ResearchGate for Academic Writers: 8 Benefits to Enjoy

  1. Find out trustful researches to base your writing on. This is a platform that holds a great number of reliable studies that you can make use of when creating your next academic assignment. You do not have to visit tens of libraries as well as there is no need to waste a lot of time to surf the web to find the needed grounds for your research.

  2. Do NOT waste your money. All the stuff you can find on the website is absolutely free. All you have to do is to register and enjoy all the useful information to the fullest. ResearchGate is a good alternative to similar sites where you can use only the limited list of sources that usually can be found on the Internet for free. At times, a source provides you with several pages of the research, but if you want to get the permission to use all the stuff, you have to buy the premium account.

  3. Make new contacts. As this is a social network, you can easily make new friends with other writers, researchers, etc. This is an excellent option as you can not only find some people to discuss the latest novelties in the writing sphere but also find some people to teach you specific skills that will come you in handy in the future.

  4. Get assistance from other researchers. One more option that we can name beneficial is that the members of the source can create their own blogs. Why not share your experience with other professionals or even become of much use for those who have just joined the writing industry? Not only you can become useful for the website visitors but also find some reasonable information for your own. Isn’t it great? Have some questions? Check whether these particular topics were raised on the blog.

  5. Internal and external sources of information. The information presented on the website is taken from internal as well as external sources. The internal ones are those when the members share their works with others. But, ResearchGate does not limit itself to only this kind of information, it also provides its members with the public bases of PubMed, arXiv, NASA Library, CiteSeer.

  6. Researchers from different countries in one place. ResearchGate does not even limit itself to the only one country; you can find researchers from all over the world.

  7. Join the groups you are interested in. There is also an opportunity to make up groups as well as join those you are interested in. If you would like to follow the latest news in the academic world, just check if there is something that meets your needs, or create a group on your own and be the first to raise this issue.

  8. Find out job offers. One more thing that you will surely enjoy is that there is a board with a list of open job vacancies for academic writers. Searching for a new job? Bet, you will like this option.

ResearchGate for Academic Writers: Pitfalls to Avoid

  1. Plagiarism. Recently, ResearchGate was charged with plagiarism. A community of publishers put the blame on ResearchGate for copyright abuse. They claim that the service publishes the information it has no rights to. Of course, it is not your fault if you have made use of the research from the website, and it has happened that it is stolen. We just want to notify you that plagiarism is the key point you have to always omit at any cost. If you have found a great base for your paper, do NOT rewrite the idea word-to-word; paraphrasing is your best solution.

  2. Fake information. Since anyone can publish their researches, it is almost impossible to monitor each file. That is why there is a great chance to face some fake information. Thus, always make sure the research you are going to consult is valid and trustful.

  3. Viruses. Like with any social network, there is a chance to catch up a virus. To avoid this issue, do NOT open unknown files as well as do NOT download and install unknown programs from other users yo do not know - they may be just fake accounts or bots that disperse viruses. Believe us, it would cost you a lot to get rid of the problems.

  4. Security. Again, as with any social network, you have to be careful when sharing your personal information. If you are asked to provide some data concerning your actual address, credit cards, etc., make sure you share it privately with the website administrators via the specialized form. Never send your personal information to third parties.


Upon the whole, ResearchGate is a great source to help you out with any kind of academic writings, and if you are careful when dealing with it, you are more likely to enjoy all the listed benefits to the fullest!


We hope, you will never face any of these pitfalls and only take pleasure in your career.


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ResearchGate for Academic Writers: Benefits to Enjoy and Pitfalls to Avoid

Most people think that it is quite easy to be a writer, a fiction or nonfiction one. They believe that there is nothing overwhelming about opening several tabs in Google Chrome or textbooks and gettin..

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