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Test Your Skills in EssayLancers Professional Essay Contest 2016


By Essaylancers

EssayLancers Announcements
04.04.2016 08:37

EssayLancers announces the start of the international EssayLancers Professional Essay Contest 2016 for freelance academic writers. If you are an aspiring academic writer willing to try your hand in a professional competition, then waste not a second and participate in now!


All the requirements and details are below!



If you want to participate in EssayLancers Professional Essay Contest 2016, you need to:


  • be registered on;
  • send your essay from April 1 to April 17 to 
    (UPDATE: the deadline is extended till April 22);
  • include your short bio and a link to your EssayLancers profile.


The submitted essay must:


  • be original and unpublished;
  • be written in English;
  • cover from 2 to 4 A4 pages with APA, MLA, Turabian or Harvard formatting;
  • be plagiarism-free;
  • be sent in a .doc or .pdf format;
  • be written for non-commercial purposes.


Any essay that does not follow the criteria specified above will be disqualified.


  • Contest entries can’t be the part of clients’ orders that you have completed for clients.
  • EssayLancers retains one-time non exclusive publication rights to the winning entries to be published on EssayLancers website.
  • After publishing the winning essays, EssayLancers does not bear the responsibility for the legal ramifications that may arise if the published work appears to be the intellectual property of another entity.



All contest entries will be checked by academic experts who have extensive background and practical experience in the freelance academic writing industry. They have been selected for their expertise and the ability to examine contest writings conforming to the specific criteria and to fairly select the best of the best. So, our board of experts consists of:


Walter Akolo is a professional freelance writer and blogger from Kenya and a founder of - a website dedicated to helping Kenyans earn money online. He has an extensive background in internet marketing, online advertising, SEO, and provides consulting and training services. He also has proficient experience in academic writing.
Renson Mumbo is a Kenyan freelance academic expert with an MBA degree and over 4 years of experience as an academic writer, editor, and trainer. Renson is a self-made entrepreneur who runs a small writing agency in Kenya with a team of professional academic writers. He is a respected academic trainer who has an individual approach to his every student and knows exactly how to eliminate students’ flaws in academic writing.
Lily Wilson is a professional freelance academic writer from Pueblo, Colorado, who has a 16-year-experience in the industry. She runs her personal blog – AnAwfulLotofWriting – where she shares academic writing tips with her colleagues. Besides successful academic writing career, Lily Wilson gets published by,,,,  etc.


Impressive, isn’t it? Your essays will be checked by the best academic experts! You are sure to get valuable feedback from  academic writing gurus.



Our board of experts will examine contest entries according to the following criteria:


  • correspondence to the chosen essay type standards;
  • grammatical correctness and spelling accuracy;
  • style consistency;
  • formatting excellence;
  • originality.


The essay entries with the highest rankings will become the honorable winners of EssayLancers Professional Essay Contest 2016 and get the valuable prizes. Wonder what the prizes are? Read further!



Recognition and self-satisfaction are not the only prizes you will get. The winners of EssayLancers Professional Essay Contest 2016 will be awarded with:


  • $100 check for the 1st place;
  • $50 check for the 2nd place;
  • $30 check for the 3rd place.


Additionally, we are preparing other sweet and memorable prizes, which we wish to keep secret for the time being.


All of it is pretty much a solid reason to participate, isn’t it? Then why wait? Get to writing right now. We are waiting for your masterpieces at! The submission deadline is April, 17, 2016.


UPDATE: The deadline is extended till April 22.


The winners will be announced April, 29, 2016.





  • Olive

    09.04.2016 16:07

    Hi... I am interested to join the contest. What topic(s) would be written about?

  • Angus

    13.04.2016 04:13

    What should I put on the first page's upper left header? Such as: Name Professor's name Subject name Date

    • Essaylancers

      18.04.2016 07:45

      Angus, you can place "Professor's name" and the name of the subject as you believe it should be

  • SuperHeroWriter

    22.04.2016 23:31

    Thank you for giving us the opportunity to participate in this

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