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Wanted: Academic Writers with a Story


By Essaylancers

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27.08.2015 08:23

There’s nothing EssayLancers love more than academic writers who are crazy in love with their job, hungry for new knowledge and skills and eager to share their stories and experience. That’s why we are putting out an open call for all academic writers who want to showcase their experience and success stories, who have great article ideas and are keen on developing different article ideas.


If that’s you, we want you on our EssayLancers blog.



Our website is a trusted resource for quality content on academic writing, so we require all articles to be informative and well-written. The topics submitted for the blog should be interesting and provide additional insights to other freelance academic writers. Think of what you are interested in.


  • Will you be eager to share a review of some academic writing tools?
  • Perhaps you want to share your story of getting the first order?
  • Want to show your daily routine and share some life hacks?


It’s great! We are waiting for you. And even if you want to share your mascot’s background, which you can squeeze into round 400 words, we are all ears! 

Submit your article 

We believe that all academic writers are unique and have a great background. That’s why we are sure YOU have some interesting story to share.


Send your article ideas and article outlines to and as soon as we give you a sign off, start writing your article.



Consider article publication as EssayLancers as a great opportunity to establish your professional reputations, get noticed by writing agencies and creating around yourself a network of like-minded professionals. After all, that’s all is all about.


  • MalikBuledi

    01.09.2015 13:16

    Do you have any specific topic?

    • Essaylancers

      04.09.2015 08:19

      Hello! We have a range of broad topics: - your story of becoming a freelance academic writer - a review of useful tools for freelance academic writers - tips and tricks of customer relations - feedback to writing agencies you've worked with - etc We could also consider preparing an interview with you if you wish :) E-mail us at and we will decide on the topic together! Additionally, we would appreciate it if you could complete this form :) Thanks in advance!

  • superwriter

    10.09.2015 12:54

    I am an experienced writer with more than five years experience. I am an expert in writing academic papers and other assignments related to academic.I have handled papers of different kinds in many fields ranging from literature, sociology, history, business, marketing, purchasing and suppliers, procurement, theology, psychology, and many others. I also proficient in academic online classes.

    • Essaylancers

      11.09.2015 09:52

      We believe that with that extensive an experience you will surely prepare an interesting and useful story! Please e-mail us at Looking forward to your message

  • BestWriter

    27.05.2016 10:08

    I am an academic writer and would wish my articles to be published on your website. Can I still email you for further directions?

    • Essaylancers

      30.05.2016 07:26

      Yes, of course! Our email address is We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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$20 1000 characters

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