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When the Party's Over: 5 Signals You Are Through with Academic Writing


By Essaylancers

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19.06.2017 08:03


Academic writing is not only a profitable occupation but also a respectful and meaningful job, which, as we believe can change the world for better. At the same time, being an academic writer is challenging, time-consuming and not always beneficial regarding financial stability, especially in the low season. Here are some symptoms which alarm you to think of leaving academic writing for something that suits you more now.

Zero Tolerance to Clients

200w_d (4).gif    Clients might not be easy to tolerate sometimes, that’s true. They forget to mention some crucial details regarding assignments, send papers to be revised for nothing and want you to be another Michel Foucault almost for free. If you started thinking “all clients are the same” where “the same” means greedy, unreliable, stupid and mean, it is the first and maybe the major signal to leave academic writing. You become cynical and try to find reasons for your fatigue and irritation in others, and when you can’t find real ones, you just contrive them. Or get sick.




Every Sneeze is an Excuse

In freelance academic writing, every sick leave threatens your monthly budget. Previously you tried to get well as soon as possible to continue writing in the profitable pace. Now you treat every sneeze as an excuse for watching serial movies instead of taking new orders. Of course, it costs you money, and your financial war chest gets thinner and thinner, but you just can’t make yourself work if you have at least the vaguest reason not to. It can’t last forever, and it is better to find a solution before unpaid bills start making career choices for you.    200w_d (1).gif


You Work for Money Only but it Doesn’t Work

200w_d (2).gif    We don’t work for money; we work for what money can buy. There is no shame in willing to earn more or demanding to be paid for a job well done. However, the paradox is if your work satisfies you only financially, you will stay dissatisfied with life. Being an academic writer, you are by definition a highly intelligent and developed individuum, which means your interests and desires lie beyond the trivial consumerism. If you can’t find meaning and self-fulfillment in your current job, you need to change it, despite the apparent financial risks. Otherwise, you might encounter health related risks as well. 


Bad Habits Seem a Good Option

Did you gain weight, increase an amount of smoked cigarettes per day or start drinking more and more regularly? It might be a compensation for growing dissatisfaction with your work. Working only for money, snapping at members of the support team and giving unflattering names to clients in your mind can’t make you feel good about yourself, and you cope with it in the simplest way. Why? Because your energy is already too scarce for healthier and more complicated ways of dealing with a problem.        200w_d (6).gif


Even A Good Rest Keeps You Unrest 

200w_d (7).gif    Now you might think something like: “Maybe I just need some rest?” Maybe. If a well-spent weekend, full of some exciting activities and restoring laziness, erases all the pitfalls listed above, you are still alive and kicking for academic writing. Meanwhile, if you feel unrest even after a great holiday and all you can think about while others have fun is an upcoming workday - it is unhealthy, and it won’t do. Try different options to rest more efficiently, but keep in mind that you can’t rest enough of the job you dread.



If you “checked” only 1 or 2 symptoms, you still can be saved for this profession. Look for inspiration and have a day off to refresh. If most of what we have mentioned made you nod in time with reading, you should seriously consider changing an occupation. You can find yourself in selling books on Amazon, devote yourself to creative writing or ghostwriting, or become a tutor for students willing to increase both their abilities and grades.


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