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Do Elite Colleges Lead to Higher Salaries?

Do Elite Colleges Lead to Higher Salaries?


In the name of higher education, when it comes to sending children to high school or colleges, the basic delimna every parent go through in this period is - to look for the most elite academic institutions as it’ll not raise their standard, but the outcome of this step would be the higher salaries once their child get graduated from it.

Whether we call it racism or way to plan a secure future, a right step or wrong, it cannot be concluded. This point is something that depends on folk’s perception that keeps on changing with a change in circumstances and passage of time.

What I believe that if a student is ardent to learn and adapt new things each day, then whether he/she belong to the non-elite college or the most elected one, their excellence will lead them to success. In other words, the priority should be to run behind the excellence, it’ll eventually lead you to success.

 I have seen many people who only focus on elite colleges that facilitate student with all external luxuries from air conditioned classrooms to a lavish cafeteria, and other opulence, but the mentoring staff and teaching system does not meet the requirements as it should supposed to be.

 When prestige matters

Anyhow, for all the thought that families put into choosing a college, the dominating reason is – “The more prestigious college / university you attend, the higher your salary will be after you graduate. But it’s not necessarily true every time. Chasing this approach blindly can leave graduates burdened with much more debt than necessary when they get out of school.

If we talk about business, liberal-arts, and other majors, the prestige of the school has a major impact on future earnings expectations. But for fields like science, technology, engineering and math, it largely doesn’t matter whether students go to a prestigious, expensive school or a low-priced one—expected earnings turn out the same.

How are Elite institutions beneficial?

Getting a degree from an elite institution results in three ways;

1) It helps you expand your network encompassing people who also had been to the same instituion, oftentimes people who have connections can help you in life

2) It commits you with a contract that shows you can follow a long-term plan and execute on it, that other people recognize as a difficult long-term plan to execute.

3) leaves strong impact on your professional resume, and C.V as well as impress employees of higher education as they mostly seek employees belonging to best academic institutions on order to elevate their class and staff awareness.

To sum up!

In comparison to both colleges, it can be surmised that the perks of being a student of well elite academic institutions are all about money and other cash payments they receive by name of tuition, library, and other charges, and spend that money in renovating the infrastructure of building and decoration, and providing other facilities, but don't much focus on the basic criteria that is how pupils are being trained and educated.


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