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07.12.2015 10:17

Feedback about need

Hi! Is there anybody from I plan to apply there next season and need some feedback from those working with them already. Am worried about their reputation.. Are they ok? Do they pay in time? 


  • Puku

    22.12.2015 12:44

    Academic Knowledge is a great company to work for if you can write fast. The problem is that say if u are late-they start the clock (which everyone does) and they keep on sending you e-mails saying you've lost this much and this much, which piles on the pressure. Ak is a part of and as Ithink you are from India, you may have a problem as they take only people who have a UK degree or diploma. They are good paymasters. I wrote 25-30 papers for them (I am also Indian but I applied and got through). Another thing is that they allott u orders-no pick and choose-but all in all-a good company.

  • Nibler

    23.11.2016 08:08

    It really provides writers with a number of works, but still there are some crucial cons. The 300% fines and the difficulties to get in touch with them. If they fix these faults, they’ll be considered the best.

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