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Created by Den

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15.08.2015 13:17

Newbie :)

How I wish I can have my first writing work :) It's my first time in this kind of world but I want to try and learn new things-many many things. 



    16.08.2015 18:42

    Do you know APA style?

    skype: keval_2701

    • Akira

      18.08.2015 14:58

      I like this manual -

    • Den

      19.08.2015 04:50

      honestly. i don't know. it's my first time to try this kind of job. and i'm looking for kind pipz to help me so

  • Akira

    18.08.2015 14:52

    Start from practise -
    you can proofread your friends' articles or write articles on the forum, asking to review them.

  • Vidima

    19.08.2015 08:50

    it's a very huge competition in the academic writing industry, so it's hard to find paid job if you have no experience :(


    20.08.2015 05:59

    Tyros can appraoch me. This work only can be learnt through professsinal writing tasks.

    I will paid you a little in starting, but, once you excel at your art, you can have many well paid projects.

    My aim: Building larger team.

    Skype: keval_2701

    Thank you.




  • Den

    22.08.2015 07:17

    yep. newbie has a tough battle along the road. but all help are really appreciated. thank you so much! I think it's  not bad if I will try to write an article so you guys can help me to improve what is needed. :)

  • Vidima

    26.08.2015 15:54

    start from small tasks)))

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