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16.09.2015 11:45

Thread for your strange questions

Let's post here the most strange question you have. 

My question:

The origins of English vocabulary: 28% French, 28% Latin, 25% Germanic, 5% Greek, 4% Unknown, 1% Other, 3% Proper Names = 94%...where's the other 6%?


  • Nova

    17.09.2015 15:08

    So I had a strange question :
    what to answer if somebody of your friends constantly asking to write essays/papers for him (for free)?

    • Landon

      21.09.2015 09:22

      I had the same situation...
      I answered very honestly, that I did not have a time for free work and provided an example with this situation (he was a dentist). I asked if he could treat my for free.

  • Lucy

    23.09.2015 07:57

    I've read the real Wikipedia excerpt:

    • vLangue d'oïl, including French and Old Norman: 28.3%
    • Latin, including modern scientific and technical Latin: 28.24%
    • Germanic languages (including words directly inherited from Old English; does not include Germanic words coming from the Germanic element in French, Latin or other Romance languages): 25%
    • Greek: 5.32%
    • No etymology given: 4.03%
    • Derived from proper names: 3.28%
    • All other languages: less than 1%

    I guess the last line means, "all other languages, less than 1%" each

    Edit: By the way, they don't add to 94% but to 95.17%

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