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Created by Angus

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24.01.2016 19:36

Typing speed troubles!

So, since many students are actually using computers to type up anything, the University of Waterloo did an experiment and here is a problem for using computers to type.


  • John Oldman

    30.01.2016 11:49

    That is so true! Low typing speed incredibly eats up time! It is necessary to exercise every day,of course everything comes with experience, but you can since today gradually accelerate their productivity! I use typing tutors like and

  • Lily Wilson

    04.02.2016 16:00

    Guys! That's awesome! I'll certainly try the program you've mentioned. I sometimes wish I typed faster because when the thoughts come in a rush, I want to write them down all. 

    • Angus

      11.02.2016 03:43

      The best part is unleashing your ideas. I have a creative mind but the biggest problem is that my mind works faster than my hand which is kind of funny. You should see my rough drafts, oh boy, they are hilariously hard to read! #struggleisreal

  • LolaRoge

    16.02.2016 13:59

    Turns out that fast typing skills are necessary not only for communication in social networks. It's really important for us)
    I began to read interesting articles
    “how to improve the typing speed”, here are some of them
    Now working on it, noticeable a little progress ^^))
    check my results here

  • Nibler

    26.12.2016 14:07

    Some people say that each finger should be responsible for the certain amount of key buttons. But I can’t even understand how to do this. Are my fingers so naughty? Does anyone use such a method of typing?

  • Puku

    17.01.2017 15:45

    Hi Nibler,

    It has got nothing to do with the 'character' of your fingers. It is called touch typing and is used by professional typists. You can teach it yourself with a touch typing ebook or something similar. All the best

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