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16.02.2014 12:59

Your ideal customer

I just love the customers, who define all of requirements of work clearly and pay for the order on time. What is it you like about your clients?


  • Mystik

    25.02.2014 16:11

    The moment they pay me ))))))

  • Steven Njenga

    28.07.2016 17:37

    The moment the give feedback of the work done.

  • Wincade3

    15.08.2016 01:27

    The moment the give a positive or reasonable response.


  • Joshua Raey

    17.08.2016 13:52

     i love when a client comments on my work and pays promtly with a bonus for a good work, it boosts my morale

  • Rick Ross

    06.09.2016 19:51

    I like a client who is polite when I'm handling his/her work. I also promise the same for my client.

  • Syeda Sana

    15.11.2016 16:04

    when my work is appreciated! 

  • wama09

    28.09.2017 07:43

    When I get a positive feedback from a client for a job well done or better yet, a referral.

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