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(29.06.2016 07:11) in thread What professional resources do you use for improving your writing skills?

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For good academic writing you need to read as many articles as possible as to gain more skills and gather new information. You can also learn many new things. You can also take help from the Internet. I recommend you to visit Then you should use grammar tools to improve vocabulary in your writing and make it more reader friendly. You should also look what your competitor writers are doing and try to learn new skills from theirwriting. Try and use all these resources and improve your writing skills


(27.06.2016 05:20) in thread Writing Your Thesis Statement

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Yes, the thesis statement is an important part of essay writing and it should be of good quality. Inshort, it explains about the main objective of the essay and what message does it relate to. You can add thesis statement in the introduction or at the end of the essay. It also shows that the writer is clear about his/her thoughts and increases the interest ofthe reader. Most important thing is that the statement should not be more than two lines and objective should be clear. Most of the readers look for thesis statement before writing the essay. So it's important to have a quality thesis statement in your essay


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