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5 Superpowers of Freelance Academic Writers

Larry Milbourne

By Larry Milbourne

Writing Tips and How-to’s
07.09.2015 12:53

Sometimes when people speak of freelance academic writers, I constantly think about Marvel superheroes with all their superpowers. Think I’m kidding? No way. Just stop for a moment and count all the things freelance academic writers can write.


  • Need an argumentative essay on some pressing issue of nowadays? - Here you go.
  • Want your resume to look perfect to get the job of your dreams? - No problem.
  • Would like someone to write a persuasive and consistent speech for you? - Phew, a piece of cake!


With their abilities to research and analyze (and with passionate love for their job, of course), academic writers can write anything and help anyone. And the key 5 superpowers help them with it.


  • Academic Writing

This is obvious because the word “academic” comprises the name of our profession. And here comes the power of Captain Research! Neither a thesis nor a case study is a problem for our freelance academic writers. They know how to find information, structure it in the necessary formatting style and draw ground-breaking conclusions. This is the world of facts and discoveries and Captain Research always keeps an eye on its safety. 
  • Ghostwriting

This is the territory of Super Writer. People usually don’t see anything special in academic writers since they don’t stand out from the crowd. But when nobody looks, they take off their glasses and reveal the Super Writer costume. That’s the time when they can write anything for customers: from non-bylined articles on various topics to full-scale fiction books that can easily become best sellers. Writing songs or movie scripts is also part of this superpower and I bet Clark Kent already envies freelance academic writers!


  • Resume Writing

Wonder which superpower can make academic writers brave enough to write a CV of a person they have never seen for a company they have never heard of? This is the super ability of the Resume Man!  It gives them the strength to write cover letters and resumes that grab the attention of headhunters and make them invite applicants to job interviews. Isn’t that great? Freelance academic writers fulfill people’s dreams and help them to be more confident in their skills and knowledge. After all, that’s the big aim of the Resume Man.



  • Blog Writing

Here we constantly use the power of Loki the Blog Writer. Yeah, yeah, I know. He is one of the bad guys. But who said that only good superheroes are cool? This super ability gives freelancers the chance to write blog articles that engage readers in discussions, make their routine days full of fun and often fill in the boring info flow with a little bit of irony and sarcasm. Panem and circenses, my dear friends! That’s what the readers want and freelance writers know how to provide that.


  • Web Writing

Various websites are in need of protection from their competitors and are eager to secure their place on the market. And I know which superhero can handle it perfectly: meet the Web Hulk! His superpower makes freelance writers almighty in writing content for websites using keywords and top search terms. With this super ability, freelancers can create texts that turn regular website visitors into loyal clients. Customers just say “Hulk Smash” and freelance writers transform their online business into success!


So, these are 5 superpowers that freelance academic writers have. Sounds like impossible is nothing for them, doesn’t it? Can’t argue with that. Academic writers really have a broad expertise in different fields and are always eager to learn new things.



P.S. I think Marvel needs to create new comics! 

P.P.S. Which superpower is your strongest point?


About the Author:

Larry Milbourne is a senior freelance academic writing supervisor at – the online community of freelance academic writers from all over the world. Larry has in-depth knowledge and experience in the academic writing industry.  


  • Nova

    14.09.2015 13:13

    haaaaa)) I'm a Captain Research ))

  • Sahil Prajapati

    25.10.2016 14:45

    Thank you, Larry Milbourne, for the wonderful article explaining about the different writer's available in the world to make the content beautiful and fruitful. It is better to know that as an academic writing professional is about dealing with making the content beautiful and useful for the reader with the use of expressions that one uses in research to define the intellectual boundaries of the discipline and the area of expertise accordingly. The reasons why most of the academic writer are leaving the smaller organization and shifting to the bigger one may be due to- the work environment in the organization, not getting adjustable in the organization, or not clear with the company objectives or terminologies. The main cause of the problem is that the academic writer should understand the concepts and basics of learning and apply them in the area in which they fit benefitting the organization and themselves. if they are not comfortable, they can switch to other organization but maintain the work productivity for not only their upliftment and for the others too. the academic and another writer should go in depth to understand the problem they are facing in the organization share with the higher professional and get it resolved before it gets worse. the academic and another writer can improve by the use of excessive use of specialized terminology, inappropriate of basic terminologies in writing, with a use of excellent grammar to boost his/her skills accordingly. Thank you, larry Milbourne for the wonderful article highlighting on the different writers to deal with the kind of work they are dealing with. May it help other to understand about the writers and get the problems in writing resolved.

  • Alex Omari

    08.08.2016 07:58

    Nice article,,am Loki the Blogger and Captain Rsearch


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