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Amazon for Academic Writers. Manual. Part 1


By Essaylancers

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29.05.2017 08:02


A little warning to start with. If you dream to become a famous writer and change the world with your novels, this is not the article to count on. This article is for those who want to get legal profit staying within the writing related business. So, we are starting the series of posts on how to earn money selling books on Amazon.

Any Questions?

We suspect you might have some questions or even objections against the adventure we suggest. Ready to answer them right away.


“Which books?” Yours. Or almost yours. Let’s say, officially yours.

“I don’t write books.” You will, after you finish reading this article. Or no. In that case, we have a trick for you.

“I know nothing about marketing and promotion.” We will teach you basics and show where to find free or really cheap help.

“I don’t have any money to invest.” $20-30 is the maximum you need to start with. Publishing e-books on Amazon is free, and these are only additional, but highly recommended spendings.

“Will people pay me directly?” No. You will receive royalties (up to 70%) from It is much safer than working with direct customers. And it is much better organized.

Amazon - the Mine of Possibilities

For starters, some information about Amazon:


  • Amazon is the biggest selling platform on the Internet;
  • Amazon is by far the sixth most popular website in the world. It means that even Facebook, Twitter, Aliexpress, Wikipedia and Instagram have fewer visitors per month;
  • Amazon annual turnover in 2015 equaled $100 billion. For comparison, Kenyan GDP is around $ 64 billion.


If you have doubts that it is possible to earn money selling Kindle books for several dollars, here are some convincing facts regarding the modern book industry:


  • Money turnover of the book market in the USA hits $21 billion, and this number grows by 1,1% every year;
  • In the USA the electronic book market is 30% bigger than a market of printed editions, and this number keeps increasing;
  • More than 60% of e-books sales in the USA and more than 75% in Great Britain are organized through Amazon. That’s why it is better to use this platform, despite all its commissions and rules.

5 Steps to a Decent Income on Amazon for Academic Writers

Our aim is to give you an exhaustive information on earning extra selling books on Amazon. To cover everything, this manual will be divided into three separate articles. Every article will cover one or more steps you should take on your path to making money on Amazon:


Step #1. Registration. In this first one, you will get tips on how to register as a seller and which payment methods you can use if you are not a US citizen. 


Step #2. Researching a market and finding a profitable niche for your book. 


Step #3. Writing or ordering a book. 


Step #4. Formatting. Amazon and Kindle have a number of special demands regarding e-book formatting, and we will tell you everything you need to know about it. All three steps related to the book creation will be covered in the second article


Step #5. Promoting your e-book on Amazon and other platforms. We will dedicate a separate article for this matter to ensure you are equipped with all possible tools to make even your first book profitable. 

Off We Go! Step #1. Registration

So, how can you have a bite of this big and tempting pie? Much easier than many others trying to do the same, because you are a disciplined and efficient writer already. We promise that when you are done reading all three of our articles you will be fully equipped to start earning money selling e-books on Amazon.


Are you ready to another profitable writing business venture? Let’s start!


  1. If you live in Kenya, Ukraine, Pakistan or another country which doesn’t have an agreement on direct payment methods with Amazon, you need a Payoneer card, which you can order for free. It is tied to the US banking system recognized by Amazon. Though it is somewhat expensive regarding commissions, it is the only viable solution. Good news for academic writers from India! Amazon has recently made it possible to receive direct electronic payments in your country.

  2. Once you receive your Payoneer card, you need to register here. You can do it now, but if you don’t have a card, the registration process will not be complete until you add a payment method.

  3. Once you have registered a payment method, you will have to deal with a tax form. Don’t be scared, it is a formality, though a necessary one. It gets more serious if you are a US citizen, but still everything is under control, Amazon just makes sure you don’t conceal your earnings from IRS and at the same time helps you make everything legal and simple. If you are not a US citizen, you will fill in another form, W-8BEN, in order to be exempt from tax reporting requirements.

  4. Validation of you tax information will take about 3 weeks to complete. After that, you will be able to start selling books and receiving royalties.


Why did we start with this information instead of telling you about the business model and giving details on writing and promoting Kindle books? Because if you take this venture seriously, you should start right away with ordering a Payoneer card (it is free) and filling in forms on Amazon, if you already have one. While your data is processed, you will get ready to enter the market. Soon we will tell you everything you need to know about which books you will sell, where you will get them and how much it will cost you (not much). We will also tell about how to find the most profitable niches for e-books. Interested? We expect some encouraging comments from you for us to continue :)



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