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Amazon for Academic Writers. Manual. Part 2.



In the previous article we gave some insightful information about why it is possible to earn a fair amount of money on Amazon selling books. Also, we explained how to register on Kindle Direct Publishing. We hope you followed our instructions, because today we move forward to picking up the topic for a book, writing or ordering it and formatting. This will be a completely practical article, so if you need additional inspiration you can address the first part of the manual.


So… Let’s conquer Amazon!

Choosing a Niche and a Topic

Choosing a niche and topics for a book is the most important and creative task in this endeavor. We will work only with non-fiction literature here, so the number of niches and topics is close to infinite. To find a niche and a topic:


  1. Make an in-depth analysis of the ratings on Amazon. Write down niches and all related topics from the best-sellers list. Don’t be afraid to follow someone’s trend, people buy topics, not authors here.
  2. Look for books with feedback and pay attention to 3-star reviews. They contain the biggest amount of useful tips on what to write about. For more detailed explanation watch this video, it is simple and very practical.
  3. Investigate Upwork. Most of the books are ordered there and you can find out which topics your “rivals” have chosen as potentially profitable.
  4. Try using kindletrend service. It is rather new, but you can check your chosen topics with it and narrow your search.


Keep in mind that the most popular non-fiction books on Amazon are somehow related to three basic desires almost every person has: health, wealth and happiness. That is why books about healthy eating, relationships, financial issues and personal growth are in high demand. Remember, you do it for profit, so write about something which audience wants to read.


To create unique content we encourage you to do niche research by yourself, but for starters you can focus on the following ideas:


-          everything related to the elegant and slow aging;

-          how to learn a foreign language;

-          how to break up right;

-          how to find a right person;

-          how to eat healthily;

-          how to become a disciplined person;

-          everything about local cuisine (very popular topic);

-          beauty and make-up tips;

-          yoga or pilates for beginners (write about personal experience);

-          health related issues (choose one organ and write about it).


When you start earning money you will be able to experiment with topics and trends, but before that keep a beaten path to profit.

Writing or Ordering a Book

There is a simple choice to start with: you invest either your time or your money to create first books in your Kindle “book shop.” Later, in order to expand, you will definitely invest only money, except for the topics you would sincerely like to cover personally.


To start on Amazon, you need 1 book of 5000-7500 words. You can order it on Upwork for about $50-$70. Don’t forget to sign a simple standard contract which states that your ghostwriter transfers all rights for a book to you. We recommend you give it to a proofreader on Fiverr or, again, Upwork. Basically, rather professional editing and proofreading of 1000 words on Fiverr costs $5, but asking for 6000 words you can count on a discount.


Here are some rules you should keep in mind when writing or ordering a book:


  1. Start with writing an outline. Write down everything you would like to cover regarding the chosen topic and underline the most valuable ideas.  
  2. Create a detailed table of contents. Often, contents page is shown in a preview, so your heading should be catchy and at the same time meaningful;
  3. Make your content solid and coherent. Your writing should flow, but it should always be on the subject. You have only 5-7 thousand words to cover a topic, and you should do it well to get your 5-star reviews.
  4. Include high-quality thematic pictures. You can look for some free ones on Pixabay and Canva. Make sure to choose something particularly catchy and illustrating for a cover page.


Content is everything, and we really can’t emphasize it enough. Whether you order a book, or write it yourself, make sure to be useful to your audience.

Design and Formatting

Here we come again to the basic dilemma – time or money. You can deal with design and formatting on your own, or you can use Fiverr freelancers for it. For starters, it is better to save money on formatting and do it yourself, but to order a cover from a specialist (about $5).


Amazon accepts books in almost every format you can think of: .epub, .doc or .docs, .rtf, .html, .txt, .pdf, .mobi or .prc. You can download a Kindlegen program, which will help you format any book into a .mobi. Later you can check a result with a Kindle Previewer. For detailed instructions on formatting, please address the KDP manual.


Before trying to upload a book on Kindle Direct Publishing, check if it has everything from this list:


-          Name of the book;

-          Short description;

-          The list of people working on this book (illustrator, editor, co-author).

-          Language (English);

-         The confirmation of your publishing rights (you will just need to check “I hold the rights to this book.”)

-         Selecting a book release option. For books which will be sold only in an electronic form, it is better to choose “immediate release.”


We recommend you download several free books from Amazon or buy those on sale for $0,5-$1 and get a better grasp on how the final version should look.


As it is a very broad topic, we understand that we might have not covered some issues. Please, if you have any additional questions ask them in comments. In the next article, we will tell you about the ways to promote your book for free or almost for free.

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