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Computer Security Day Academic Writers Shouldn’t Ignore not to Lose Money


By Essaylancers

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28.11.2017 08:47


This day is celebrated on November 30th, as 30.11.1986 is the date of the first recorded mass computer attack, which made computer specialists think hard about security and protection. The first attack aimed ARPANET, the predecessor of the Internet, and caused $92 million loss. It would be great to find comfort in thinking that only big companies and providers suffer from such attacks, but it is far from the truth.


Academic writers are in the risk group, as they receive payments through the variety of withdrawing systems, send and download a lot of files and submit personal information at academic writing agencies’ websites. In this article, we will give you both general instructions to increase the safety of your computer and web-operations, and tips useful specifically for academic writers.


Simple Steps to Undertake for Your Computer Safety

It is a simple checklist, but following it will protect you from the majority of non-specific attacks. It means mass attacks will most probably cause no harm to your PC, but if some professional hacker holds a grudge against you, he still might be able to break through. Let’s make him sweat at least.


Of course, some of these steps seem too obvious, but it’s better to check twice than to be hacked once.


  1. Update your PC regularly, enable auto update. If your PC demands update when being restarted, give it time.
  2. Install or check the expiration date of the antivirus.
  3. Enable password for entering your operating system. It shouldn't be your birthdate, your phone number, qwerty123 or 123456.
  4. After you are done using your PC, close it. If you use a laptop, don’t just close its cover, make it finish all processes and at least send it to “sleep.”
  5. Backup your files at least every 2 weeks.
  6. Use Password Manager instead of a direct passwords’ saving.
  7. Delete torrent files after the downloading process is over.
  8. Use CCleaner for a computer’s register at least once a week.



This is not the exhaustive list, but we think it’s better to follow the basic rules with no exceptions than to drown in the dozens of recommendations and finally neglect the most important ones.


Computer and Web Security for Academic Writers

Computer safety for academic writers has its peculiarities, and mostly it is based on the necessity to secure completed papers and online payments.


  1. Use passwords with at least 12 symbols for your academic writing accounts and accounts in payment systems. Make sure your password includes such symbol as $#%&@ and both small and big letters.
  2. Don’t use the same password for all accounts.
  3. Don’t submit any personal data at websites using http protocol instead of https.
  4. Change the password used for money transfers once in 2 months.
  5. Never use your social media passwords for your writing accounts. You check Facebook, Instagram and others through every wifi possible and the connection might not be secure.
  6. Always be attentive when using money transfer systems. There are lot’s of clones which look alike, but just gather your personal data and later steal your money before you even notice something is wrong. Even if the page’s color look different, make a pause, restart the browser, delete cache and start over.


Don't forget that academic writers have additional online risk — dealing with scam agencies. Use these tips not to get foolled. Such simple precautions are able to keep your money and accounts safe. Don’t neglect to be extra careful, spend additional time for double checks and come up with new complicated passwords. Keep safe and stay in touch!


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