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Sfera Opportunities for Academic Writers: Earn $50 per Day on Subtitles


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07.11.2017 06:15



Two months of the intense academic writing have gone, and we bet you are somewhat tired of in-depth research and citation styles. If you have already been dragged into several revision processes your distress might be even stronger. We have an option which will allow you to make a break once in awhile and earn some money for it.

Earn Money Watching Movies and Translating Subs at Sfera

Sfera is a big digital company which supports video production and distribution. It was founded in 2011 and since then hired more than 3000 professionals around the world. It works with 76 countries and covers more than 50 languages. Making it simple, they make subtitles and voiceovers for different types of video: movies, adverts, learning materials, etc. Such a load requires lots of specialists involved, and you can become one of them.


Let’s budget it!


  • $2 per video minute is a standard payment at Sfera

  • 1 minute consists of approximately 15-20 subtitle lines

  • Translation of 1 minute requires from 10 to 20 minutes

  • For 1 hour of translation, you can earn from $5 to $10

  • For 8-hour work day, you can make from $40-80 (newbies mostly make $40 - $50 per day)


Registration Process and Skills Tests Step by Step

If you decide to make some money translating subtitles at this website there are a 4-step registration process and 4-step language skills test waiting for you.






Step #1. Personal Information. Sfera has a rather extended questionnaire and you should make sure to fill all data correctly, especially phone number - to make it fit the space, delete the first sign or number (+ or 0) from your country’s net international code. By the way, finally, there is a website where ESL writers earn more than ENL ones. English speaking authors are paid only $0,5 for editing.


Step #2. Language Skills. It is not a test yet, you need to choose your native language and give details on which areas are more or less interesting for you. As India and Africa are fast growing media markets specialists from these areas are in a high-demand.


Step #3. Professional Experience. You will be asked if you have any translation experience and with which movies you would prefer to work. Don’t lie trying to impress someone, the better fitting types of movies you choose, the faster you will work, the more you will earn.


Step #4. Final. Just more questions about experience and instructions on further tests. Registration process in general takes about 10 minutes.


Language Skills Test


After everything you have gone through with admission tests at academic writing websites, these tests are nothing more than a piece of cake.


Step #5-7. Answer Questions


  • You will have three sessions of multiple choice questions with the increasing complexity;

  • Each session consists of 10 questions;

  • You have 2 tries for every session. A small tip for you: printscreen your answers. If you choose a wrong answer, it will most probably be repeated in the next try, and you will have minus 1 option to choose from.


Do a Real Translation


After you're done with the multiple choice, you will be given a 1-minute video with English subtitles to translate. Here is how it looks like:




You will fill the same form, but with your translation. Make sure to check how your translation fits the scene. For this, choose “translation” instead of “original” under the video window.


In 2-3 days you will receive a letter with feedback for your subtitles. If everything is fine, you are welcome to start working. There is no limit for a volume you can translate per day, so only you decide how much you earn. You can withdraw money through Skrill, PayPal or Pioneer.


Make a pause in your academic writing routine, and earn some cash in a relaxed mode.




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