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Techies Paradise or 15 Free Tools Freelance Academic Writers Will Love


Millions of people avail of the opportunities the Internet and information technologies provide them with, and you shouldn’t hang behind in this matter as well, especially when it comes to writing. Although, we have already covered the topic of time management, there are loads of different tools (that are also free) allowing you not only to optimize your writing processes but also to make them more proficient and effective. So, let’s dive into the ocean of these technological wonders and find out how they can be useful for freelance academic writers!

Writing Apps

If nothing more motivates and inspires you to get back to that unfinished essay, maybe you need to change the setting. Writing apps with various designs, functions and options might spark you interest to try something new and, eventually, slightly push you to return to your writing. But how to find really good writers’ tools that will appeal to you and won’t demand any charge? We will help you with that!



  • FocusWriter: if you struggle with producing sentences, this app can serve as a great game changer. It’s minimalistic design  (a white sheet on the wooden background) without any toolbars and unnecessary features leaves you with your writing vis-à-vis. So, whenever you want to concentrate on the essay or research paper, the name of this app speaks for itself.


  • WriteMonkey: this is the app that helps to focus on your writing as well, but with some more additional features. Besides that fact that you can change fonts and backgrounds, you are also able to choose among several interesting modes like typewriters scrolling, caret centering, etc.


  • OmmWriter: There is a hint for you in the name of the app: it makes you calm and sharpens your attention to detail. So, whenever you can’t concentrate because of having enough on your plate, go to OomWriter. With several smart features like keystroke audios or backdrops, you’ll be able to finally produce that academic paper.

Making Your Writing Better Apps

If a perfect writing environment is not enough for you, use the tools that not only provide a sheet to write on, but also have very useful functions that can improve the quality of your writing.



  • Hemingway: being one of the most popular writing tools online, this app is based on the style of Hemingway’s writing and looks into such aspects: the length of your sentences, readability level, the right usage of adverbs, grammar, the length of phrases, etc. As you can see, it can give you a sound advice on how to improve your essay, especially if it is written for a regular college student who doesn’t even know the words you use in your writing.


  • Marked 2 (OS based, available for free trial): in addition to all the options provided by the Hemingway app, it can identify the words that you overuse (or you can specify them to be detected), looks for frequent occasions of the passive voice, etc. It has many browsing options that make this app very usable and attractive.

Distraction Free Tools

All the above mentioned writing apps have a distraction-free mode which is turned on in order to make you focused. But that is not the level that distraction free programs have achieved. They have to offer much more options than just blocking out the bothering items from your screen.



  • StayFocusd (Chrome)/LeechBlock (Mozilla): these free extensions for browsers prevent you from overusing the distracting sites. How? You specify the time-consuming web destinations and limit the time you can spend there. After you use up your limit, they get blocked and you can’t access them (from this very browser, but if you quickly switch to another one to surf your FB feed, you really need to reconsider life your goals).


  • RescueTime/Slife: these are the programs that track your online activity, analyze it and make reports for you so that you can see where your time disappears. If you correctly state the websites that you use in purely entertaining (and procrastinating) purposes, these tools will help you to understand how much time is spent productively and what sites are your time eaters. Motivating, isn’t it?

Dictation Apps

This is a new trend that every writer must have a shot at, and not because it’s a mainstream. Audio to text technologies help to open your mind and give a way to the flow of your thoughts. So, whenever you need to analyze the findings of a certain research that must be included into your current paper, try resorting to this technical option.



  • Voice Typing on Google Docs: this free tool integrated by Google has proved to be better than all the other paid dictation software made so far. For PC users Voice Typing is a perfect move taking into account that it is much better than IOS and Android based apps. It makes suggestions about correcting the shady parts (where it hasn’t managed to “grab” the word) and that means you don’t need to stop and change the wrong phrases.

Productivity Tools

These instruments vary from those that stimulate your creativity to the ones that help to free your mind from unnecessary thoughts and concerns. That’s why we’ll include the free tools of different nature for you to try every bit of the productivity boosters.



  • Coffitivity: some people can work better in a quiet atmosphere and for some writers silence is an oppressing factor. That’s why some inventive developers have created an app that imitates the sounds of the café to create a white noise pillow and stimulate your creativity and productivity. By the way, the positive effects of the white noise have been scientifically proved, so think about it!


  • Written?Kitten!: this website is a true treasure for cute animal lovers. Every 100 words you type, you get a picture of a fluffy kitten (or any other nice creatures you like) that motivates you to get another one. For some academic writers it may become a real salvation, so try it.


  • MindMaple: mind mapping is a stunning means for academic writers who need to brainstorm much. When you have to think over a structure for a research paper or determine the chapters for the dissertation, MindMaple will become very handy here.

Task Management Tools

If you have a lot of orders that have many different peculiarities, you can’t do without a task management system, especially if you work for several employers. So, we offer you to resort to free tools that will help you to organize your work and break down your load.



  • Trello: a free and easy-to-use system that allows you to create separate boards (that could be different employers or projects) where you can add carts (that could be orders) with task descriptions. It is very useful because you can put deadlines, include checklists, divide your tasks by labels, etc.


  • Producteev: while creating unlimited tasks and subtasks, attaching files and adding specifications, you can even forward your emails into Producteev converting them into separate assignments. You are also able to prioritize your tasks in order to complete the most urgent ones.

Info Apps

Being a freelance academic writer means being aware of the latest news in the field of your specialization. This advantage gives you a chance to stand out from the crowd and provide the most high quality services to your clients. And by using info apps you will be able to subscribe to some topics that interest you and regularly get the updates that are worth your attention.



  • Flipboard: choose a category that interests you (like academic writing) and read the news concerning citation style updates, writing tips or books. This will help you to find out specifically the information you need without wasting your time on useless entertaining articles.


  • Feedly: Its simple design makes you concentrate on the information you perceive and the opportunity to share the material without any difficulties makes the process of news reading even better.


This is about all. Although this list can be continued, you need first to integrate the tools we’ve mentioned in this article and attempt to advance your working processes, and then you will be able to consider something new. We hope that this list will multiply your academic writing opportunities and motivate you to create extraordinary papers. So, indulge your techie nature and plunge into the world of technologies!

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