Cookie Policy

This policy specifically explains our principles of using cookies on (the “Website”). We highly appreciate your privacy. For that reason, you can consult our Privacy Policy that provides the additional information about how we collect, process and store your information left on our website.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of data in the form of text files sent to your web browser on a computer or smartphone when browsing a website so that it will recognize you when you use it again. Cookies can be recognized as the stateful information and browsing activities involved in a single visit (a session-based cookie) or multiple visits (a persistent cookie) of the Website.

What Cookies Do We Use?

Both session-based and persistent cookies perform some essential functions on our Website. They help us understand how the Website is being used, making it easier for you to navigate the Website, record your preferences, and enhance your browsing experience. Cookies can also help to understand what information and advertising is more relevant to you, your interests and needs.

Authentication Cookies

When you're signed in to the Website, cookies allow us to know if you’re logged in, and which account you are logged in with to order or conduct a service on the Website. At this stage, you’re personalized on the Website by giving all the necessary information.

Security Cookies

We state that our service is 100% secure. For that reason, we use cookies to identify and prevent some potential security risks.

Cookies for Preferences, Features and Services

Cookies help us store all your preferences of what services and how to use them (what language it is easy for you to use, what way of communication you prefer, etc.). The webpage is customized according to your preferences. You fill out forms on our Website more easily with your own settings.

Marketing Cookies

These cookies help us track some marketing campaigns that we may be interested in. We collect the information about your buying habits on the Website (e.g. we follow if you make a purchase after you visit our webpage). Additionally, the cookies provide us with information about your interactions with the other services (‘third-party cookies’).

Performance, Analytics and Research Cookies

Cookies help us learn how you interact with our Website and if it is convenient for you. We also use cookies to understand and improve some features of our Website when you access it from different devices (a work computer or mobile device).

How Long Do Cookies Get Stored on a Browser?

How much time a cookie stays on your browser depends on the nature of cookies - if it is a ‘persistent’ or ‘session-based’ cookie. A session-based cookie gets stored while your web browser is open. It is automatically deleted when your browser is closed. A persistent cookie exists until you or your browser delete it or until it expires.

How to Control and Delete Cookies through Your Browser?

You may want to forbid cookies downloaded on your browser. That’s why most browsers give you this opportunity to manage cookies as you wish. Some browsers allow to manage cookies preferences for each website.

There are some instructions on how to manage cookies for different browsers. See below:

Note! If you disable cookies on your browser, you may not be able to access certain parts of the Website. That way, the overall user experience is negatively affected as some parts of the Website may also not work properly. For example, you’ll need to put the login information again and again on your own. If you still want to change your browser cookie settings, visit to do it correctly.

Contacting Us

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