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Do you absolutely have to buy critical essay and do it fast? Do you have doubts about dealing with online writing services? If so, then EssayLancers.com can become a viable and attractive alternative. Contrary to what you may think, it is not your typical custom critical essay writing service, but rather a freelance platform specializing in academic papers. Here you can easily find a professional writer and tutor with exactly the qualifications you need, and get your essay done faster and cheaper than in a traditional critical essay writing service.

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Critical Essay for Sale at EssayLancers.com: What We Do Differently

Finding a service offering you to buy critical essay writing is a rather trivial task. If you wonder if EssayLancers.com is any different, your doubts are quite understandable. Well, let us explain what exactly sets our platform apart – mainly, it is how we organize interactions between writers and clients. In a usual writing service, you pay first and then have a random writer assigned to your paper. On EssayLancers.com, things happen like this:

  • You place an order and describe your assignment, mentioning, among other things, its budget;
  • Writers start bidding for the opportunity to write it;
  • You hire a writer. It may be one of those who were bidding for it, or someone you picked directly from the database;
  • After you agree on the conditions, the freelancer writes your paper. If it is large enough (like a dissertation), you can ask to divide it into parts;
  • And only after the paper is delivered and approved by you, you pay for it. Until then, the sum safely remains in your EL account.

It is easy, it is fast, it is transparent – the best way to get college writing help! Don’t wait any longer, place an order now!

Writing Agencies

  • Don’t know who’s working on your paper
  • Don’t have one-to-one access to a writer
  • Pay a lot with standardized pricing


  • Hire a freelancer of your choice
  • Communicate directly with a writer
  • Pay less thanks to a lower service fee
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Write My Critical Essay: Advantages of EssayLancers Platform

It is not hard to find a critical essay for sale on the Internet. However, finding a good place to buy one is much more difficult. EssayLancers.com has a number of important advantages, both on its own and in comparison with traditional writing services:

  • Self-motivated writers. Our writers work directly with clients and use their own names. Their continued income depends on how well they work, which encourages them to try as hard as possible;
  • You know who you are dealing with. When you buy critical essay writing from EssayLancers.com, you choose the tutor to hire yourself, you can study his/her profile and discuss the details directly through our messaging system. Verified writers even have their ID and credentials uploaded to avoid any kind of foul play;
  • You do not depend on our pricing policy and decide for yourself how much you intend to spend. Choose whether you want a cheap or expensive writer. Cheap writing is not necessarily of low quality, too – it may just be a new writer, yet to earn his/her reputation;
  • We do all types of work. Not only can you get a critical essay for sale, but also editing, proofreading and custom assignments.

We Have Hundreds of Experts: Find the One Right for You

Hundreds of professional writers confident in their abilities work through EssayLancers.com. They do not need to work anonymously because they are proud of their work. You can further ensure positive results if you pay attention to the following factors:

  • Rating. It is based on customer feedback and reflects how, on average, clients evaluate the work of this writer;
  • Experience. The list of assignments the writer completed while working through EssayLancers.com;
  • Portfolio. Examples of papers by the author;
  • Verification. If a writer is Verified, it means that he/she provided the proof of his/her identity and academic credentials. If the profile says, e.g., that he/she has a Master or PhD degree in law, you can be sure it is truly so.

If you like working with a writer, in future you can always hire the same person again.

Buy Critical Essay Samples from EssayLancers.com

On EssayLancers.com you not just have an opportunity to find somebody whom you can ask, “Write my critical essay”, but also learn everything about this person before you decide to hire him/her. Look through samples, and you will see that our writers work on all kinds of topics, such as:

  • Technology in 21st Century;
  • Juvenile Delinquency and Factors Influencing It;
  • Monetary Policy of the US Government.

Both your data and your money are safe when you deal with EssayLancers.com. Firstly, the writer does not get a cent of the sum you pay until you approve the order – until then the payment remains in your EL account. Secondly, EssayLancers.com has a strong security system, and you do not need to identify yourself to register in the first place.