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Custom English Essay Writing Service: Meet Freelance Specialists with Relevant Skills

If you are looking for English assignment help, you have probably already looked through dozens of agencies claiming to provide top-notch English assignment writing help and do not know why you should prefer any of them to any other. However, when it comes to EssayLancers.com it wouldn’t be fully correct to call it an English assignment writing service because it follows a different approach in its organization.

Instead of being a centralized English essay writing service with unified management and a number of full-time employees, EssayLancers.com is more of an English homework help platform that lets clients choose among 500+ freelance writers and get spot assistance with a specific assignment.

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Buy English Essay from Professional Online Assignment Experts: Our Advantages

So what, you may ask, can we offer in addition to a different arrangement of our work? In fact, EssayLancers.com has a number of advantages, both due to our work process and because of our careful attention to every detail that goes with your “help me with my college English essay writing task” or “write my English essay fast” order:

  • As we are an online platform and not a writing company per se, we save on accounting expenses and can offer you the best quality cheap;
  • When you look for the best possible academic help with your English homework you can specify the amount of money you are willing to pay by yourself;
  • You can choose a custom English essay writing service writer you want to help you on your own. We provide all the info on every freelancer working through EssayLancers.com to make it easier. Want a writer from Australia to write a nursing research paper for you? We can arrange it;
  • You can be sure that the writer working on your English dissertation is motivated to help you the best he can, for his income depends on it;
  • We work on all types of assignments and fulfill custom requests – you buy English essay or a project in any other discipline;
  • We work fast – unlike English essay writing service, on our website, you can buy our services today and receive the results tomorrow.

Writing Agencies

  • Don’t know who’s working on your paper
  • Don’t have one-to-one access to a writer
  • Pay a lot with standardized pricing


  • Hire a freelancer of your choice
  • Communicate directly with a writer
  • Pay less thanks to a lower service fee
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Write My English Essay: Buy Custom English Essay Samples

Here you can buy samples of essays and term papers exactly of the type you need. When you look for a writer or editor you can see his previous works – take a look at any of them and you will see that they work on all kinds of topics, from English to programming:
  • Free Education: Advantages and Disadvantages for the Individuals and the State;
  • Causes of Growing Obesity in Developed Countries;
  • Advantages Being an International Student Brings.

To order the necessary help, you should go through the following procedure:

  • The client places an order and describes the conditions: how much he is ready to spend on English dissertation help, what exactly he needs – in other words, any details concerning the English assignment he deals with and the kind of help he wants to receive;
  • Freelancers start placing bids on the English assignment in question, offering their writing help and describing conditions on which they provide it;
  • The client chooses a paper writer: either one of those who placed bids on his essay of anybody else among those working with our service;
  • The client gets the English assignment he ordered from our writing service. If you buy English essay that is large enough (e.g., a dissertation) it can be divided by milestones and delivered part by part;
  • Finally, the client pays for the custom English essay writing service rendered on the platform. Until then the sum is safely kept in the client’s account in EssayLancers’ system – it is only released to the expert after the paper is finished and approved of by the client.

English Homework Help Professionals Offer You Their Help

EssayLancers.com has hundreds of writers who know and love their job and aren’t afraid to work directly with students who need their assistance. Although we are more than sure about the abilities of each individual writer, we suggest that you take a closer look at some factors before making a choice:

  • The rating of a writer - it is formed from the feedback received from previous customer, which means that it is a good indication of each author’s capabilities to provide English essay writing help;
  • Work experience - having an MBA is good, but the only real way to judge the skills of a person is by the work he actually performed;
  • Portfolio – you can take a look at the examples of previous assignments by the writer on our website. On our website, you can buy cheap and expensive papers in all possible subjects, such as law, math, English or anything else that you may need to write for college.

Also, pay special attention to writers who have Verified status – it means that they have officially verified their identity and education status.

English Dissertation Help – Complete Security

“It is all very good, but what guarantees can you give me that my money and my order are safe”? If this is what bothering you, forget about it:

  • The writer only receives you payment after you approve of the order;
  • You don’t have to worry about confidentiality – we never disclose the data of our clients, and you don’t need your personal info to register with the service.

Delegate your English essay to specialists right now, find an expert you like through our writing service and work with writers and tutors you can trust. Whether you need your essays, research papers, courseworks, thesis or dissertation projects written in plain English, it’s better to entrust your work to the writers with top reputation in custom writing and editing services.