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After finishing the class

After finishing the class, I couldn��t wait to run home. When I was going to open the door with the key, I accidentally left my beloved book" and fell to the ground. I bent down and suddenly turned to a very interesting picture, which was deeply attracted. No matter what the three or seventy-one, I "snapped" to the corner to read the book. I even forgot the key.looked over it thickly and knew the main content of the book: a girl with a weak personality and a kind heart, a happy family. However, my mother suddenly got an incurable disease. This flying catastrophe has caused tremendous changes in her life and even her personality... In the process, she has encountered many troubles and confusions. The mother��s final departure made the 12-year-old heart happy and experienced the meaning of life and love too early. Seeing this, my heart trembles involuntarily []Cigarette Online[/url]. Xinyi is only twelve years old. She has lost her mother's pain and has to face the setbacks in life again []Marlboro Gold[/url]. For the children, losing parents too early is the most cruel thing in the world. And she courageously overcome the difficulties and courage has touched me even more.left tears when I read this book, but what I read was not cruel, but warm and moving - about life, family, and courage to face setbacks.know that my current life is much better than my favorite, with the care of my parents, and they create everything for me. I will cherish it, take the courage to act, and use my actions to return the people who love me. I have read many books since I was a child, such as "Little Prince", "Naughty Horse Jumping", "Blue Whale's Eyes", "The Same Table" (Where, "If I Give Me Three Days" The book "Bright" left me with the most profound impression.rican writer Mark Twain once said: "There were two great figures in the 19th century, one was Napoleon and the other was Helen Keller." Yes, indeed. Napoleon relied on force to conquer the vast territory of Europe []Marlboro Menthol 100S[/url]. Helen Keller moved the world with her personality, strong will and outstanding contributions. When Helen was 19 months old, his eyes were blind and his ears were deaf. At the beginning, Xiao Hailun lost hope for life []Cigarette Tobacco For Sale[/url], was very afraid, and his temper was very violent. Whenever people can't understand what she is saying, she burst into tears and didn't know why she was crying when she was crying. She feels that her life has no love, how eager she is to see the light. Helen Keller��s parents looked in his eyes and was in a hurry []Cigarettes Online[/url]. Under the guidance of her parents, she helped Helen find a tutor, Miss Anne Sullivan. With the arrival of Miss Sullivan, Helen is full of confidence in life. Miss Sullivan became the guide of Helen's new life. Miss Sullivan taught Helen to spell words, taught Helen to love, and taught Helen to study... As time passed, Helen was in loved ones and Miss Sullivan. With help, Helen realized different things, such as: Christmas, embracing the ocean, experiencing the fall and winter...


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