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19.08.2015 08:41

How do you avoid getting shady clients? And how do you deal with them?

Some time ago I got three job offers, two of which never responded me back :( and one of them gave me his email. So I emailed the client, he emailed me back and his mail ended up in my spam folder (also he cut my basic rate in half, lol). Funny thing is I Google the guy and he seems to be a scammer.

How do you avoid this?


  • Akira

    26.08.2015 16:06

    I have several screening questions to find out if the client "normal"

    • AyuPetri

      01.09.2015 12:44

      Id say mainly by doing exactly what you did. Using a bit of common sense and getting to know the bigger picture of who you are working for. Plus if someone wants half your rate I'd say that'd be a tip, but it's sort of a peril of the industry.

  • Landon

    27.08.2015 12:09

    or you can view agency hiring history on the freelance platforms, or check web for the feedback. 

  • Caesar

    01.09.2015 12:30

    Step out of the "I need someone to hire me" mindset; don't waste a lot of time crawling stuff like eLance, linkedin, reddit, etc. In my experience, it's pretty hit or miss (trending toward "miss").

    Rather, try to create your own work and "hire" your own clients. Seek out businesses/individuals that would be your "ideal customer", that you think COULD BENEFIT from a writer, even if they may not know it.

    Research them. Figure out how you can provide them value. Then send them an email and offer to do so.

  • Nova

    01.09.2015 12:57

    There are no "bad clients". You simple do not know how to manage them :)

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