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04.04.2016 16:06

Looking for academic writers

Dear all,

We are an academic writing company based in India and are looking to hire academic writers.

We do about 150 orders each day and offer between $2 to $6 per page.

Our terms are quite easy going and we look forward to hire some great talent.





  • Abhishek

    04.04.2016 16:06

    You can post me your resume at

    • Es Kay

      05.04.2016 11:51


      What type of writing format do you want?

    • Bruno

      24.06.2016 14:51

      hi. am ready for work preferably accademic writing all levels any writing style. i sent you my resume


  • BestWriter

    05.04.2016 12:42

    Get me at

  • mwiti

    08.04.2016 21:59

    Ihave good experience writing academic papers. Reach me at can stsrt as soon as possible.

  • Uni Roles

    12.04.2016 09:11

    Hello Abhishek

    To find best talent you should publish your ad in a good advertising website. There are many website that offer this service. They advertise ads globally and find talented employee from all over the world. 


  • emmah

    18.04.2016 19:34

    Hello,reach me at

  • mutaigk

    14.05.2016 15:38

    find me at: 

  • Manal

    16.05.2016 07:39

    Hello Every one!

    I'm Manal Musa. I have a team of writers who are experienced in various fields of social and Management sciences. We would like to share your burden through taking work in bulk and providing plagiarism Free & superior quality content. 

    we would Love to be a part of your team.

    please contact at :

    whatsapp: +92 3415168921

  • n pradeep

    24.05.2016 10:06


    I would like to work for the respective may contact

  • teamwriter

    15.06.2016 13:08

    find me through

  • braviel

    24.06.2016 14:07

    anyone who need article available at an affordable price..find me at

  • braviel

    24.06.2016 14:07

    anyone who need article available at an affordable price..find me at

  • Edleony

    12.07.2016 12:58

    Still hiring? Reach me at 

  • Academiwriter

    26.12.2016 13:01

    is the requirement still available? I am interested

  • timur

    09.07.2017 13:01


    I am Essay writer. so if you have any requirement please contact me

  • sabirshah4545

    11.10.2017 05:38

    Turnitin Plagiarism Checker  

    Turnitin and Ithenticate are the best plagiarism checkers. However, these are not the free version, but you don't need to worry because these two we can provide you with low price. Turnitin Plagiarism Checker is the best Plagiarism checker. There are two types of settings in Turnitin, One is known as repository setting, and another one is known as no repository. The institute’s use repository setting and they keep the files in the Turnitin database while we are using no repository setting, none of your files and data will not be stored in the Turnitin database. Moreover, we always keep all the work of each writer as a confidential and we never share it with anyone. So, In that case, your document will always be secure and confidential. We will register a personal Turnitin account on your personal email and you will be able to check your paper anytime you want. As for the Ithenticate, we can't give you Ithenticate account, but we can give you ithenticate Plagiarism report. 
    Contact me: 
    Skype: sabir.shah74
    For more information visit Our website:
    Thanks a lot.

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