Money Back Guarantee

At, we do believe we can be honest with you to a full degree. We are ready to offer you a Money Back Guarantee. First and foremost, we don’t ask you to pay an assigned writer before you see the whole paper or its part. In this regard, you just have to load the necessary funds to your personal EssayLancers account on our website to pay the writer’s job after you are satisfied with a paper.

Be sure that the funds loaded to your EssayLancers account, or reserved for a specific order, are 100% refundable in mutual agreement with a writer:

  • If you cancel an order before the last stage of processing an order, i.e. a payment itself (except payments for such additional services as ‘Hidden Task’ or ‘Urgent Task’).
  • In other words, you can claim back the total amount of money you put on your personal account only if you haven’t used the ‘Release’ or ‘Review&Pay’ button.
  • In case the order goes to ‘In Dispute’, the refundable sum is decided by EssayLancers Support Managers based on the evidence provided. The decision of EssayLancers Support Managers is final and is not subject to appeal.