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Academic Proofreading Service at a Solid Platform of English Pros

EssayLancers is a contemporary proofreading service where the most knowledgeable freelancers assist in various to-proofread tasks. If you are looking for a truly competent academic proofreading service, you should note the key reward: it is you who selects the right expert and the most appropriate fee. It makes this platform a convenient essay proofreading service where you can buy from whomever you like.

Whether you need to proofread a thesis or a letter or any document, you definitely prefer that it be simple, quick and clear. EssayLancers is the service where orders for proofreading are processed following a smart and prompt procedure.

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English Proofreading Service With a Simple Order Procedure

Our english proofreading service provides for a long list of professional freelance editors and proofreaders with wide experience, thus living up to its image of a professional proofreading service with a positive record. Once choosing the right expert, you can then involve him every time you apply to this online proofreading service.

First, you have to post a task online – so that all freelance experts could see it. Describe the details of your project, the preferred price and any recommendations you think important. At the next stage, you have to select a corrector – either browsing the website or replying to the bids. As soon as you agree on the job with the selected expert, you have to wait for the delivery. Should the delivery satisfy you, it`s time to pay for your essay – you credit your online account and let the service charge it.

That’s how simple it is.

Writing Agencies

  • Don’t know who’s working on your paper
  • Don’t have one-to-one access to a writer
  • Pay a lot with standardized pricing


  • Hire a freelancer of your choice
  • Communicate directly with a writer
  • Pay less thanks to a lower service fee
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Competitive Rewards Making This Service Stand Out of The Crowd

Being a service that makes much of customer loyalty, EssayLancers tries not to be just a solid proofreading platform and comply with all academic standards, but also introduces an array of winning rewards. Below are the essential rewards that make your sample even more attractive:

  • 100% grammar excellence;
  • Relatively cheap against some other similar platforms;
  • Freedom of choice: users select freelance experts and prices;
  • Various types of editing: from magazine articles to dissertations;
  • Single fees cover writing and proofreading;
  • All details about performers available;
  • No copy-and-paste practice;
  • Fair value-for-money strategy;
  • Accelerated delivery due to sufficient experts;
  • Customer assistance for free.

Disciplines You Certainly Need For Your Work Or Study

For good essay proofreading, an expert service has to be diverse and narrow-area at a time. Some services hold users off because of their universal approach: people want some particular disciplines in place – probably, even some special ones, – still, those platforms are short of narrow-discipline experts. But not EssayLancers. Here, you may have a look at the careers that the platform`s freelancers had – and be sure to find editing not only for the common topics like:

  • Research;
  • Job application;
  • Financial statements

...but also for very specific tasks, which you require 100% individual. In search of competent english proofreading, this service will be a good choice for its language literacy in the discipline you particularly need. This is possible due to a wide selection of writers and proofreaders with an excellent area-specific expertise. In addition, each editor and writer is very creative in approaching every single paper.

Select A Proofreader for Regular Help with Your Further Tasks

In search of a professional for your proofreading, it is reasonable to focus on the service where you may find a single performer for all your tasks. EssayLancers is just the case. Here, you may select yourself an editor for your story or report – and keep on contacting him for all further orders.

A proof of strong performance is self-awareness of all experts. Their jobs are to bring authentic content in a grammar-consistent and user-friendly manner. Do not hesitate to trust your reading in their hands – you will get an excellent result.

But, here are some extra tips: give preference to “Verified” experts – the managers check their identities and test their skills. This is a great contribution to the overall quality. Also, pay attention to feedback: this will help you evaluate the level of the performer potentially selected for your book.

Keep Safe With Protected Payments and Enjoy 100% Deliveries

Whether you need someone to write or edit for you, choose EssayLancers because of its dedication to security. As a service that delivers proofreading extensively online, it brings several unquestionable rewards related to user protection:

  • Confidentiality (no identity information);
  • Payment details secured (nothing kept by the system);
  • 100% delivery (no failures);
  • Delivery always paid post factum (no fees taken in advance).

Simplify the writing process with freelance proofreaders and writers at EssayLancers. It’s sheer pleasure.