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Many students, even those for whom written assignments come easily, experience serious problems when it comes to exercises involving speeches and their delivery, especially during their first year at college. It is no wonder, then, that speech help is such a popular speech writing service. However, if you are used to buying custom speeches from normal writing websites, perhaps you will be interested in trying out something new.

EssayLancers.com offers you effective online speech writing service that is completely different from what you are probably used to. We are not a centralized company with writers working for us as employees; instead, we offer you all the tools you need to find experts in the topic you are after and guarantee that all the activities that happen on EssayLancers.com are completely safe and confidential. You place an order, specify your budget and wait for freelance writers to offer you speech writing help – or simply choose the writer from our database, discuss the cost and hire him without the bidding process.

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Speech Writing Service That Offers You Freedom

We at EssayLancers.com treat both our clients and writers not as children who have to be controlled but as responsible adults capable of making their own decisions. Therefore, the main feature of our custom speech writing service is freedom in combination with safety:

  • When you are looking for speech help you are free to choose any writer from our database you like – if you can agree on terms. Information in profiles guarantees you have full knowledge;
  • If you have difficulty choosing, place an order and let writers bid for the right to work on it;
  • You don’t have to worry about your money – your payment is delayed in your account until your evaluation and approval of your speech sample’s final draft;
  • If your assignment is large enough it can be divided into several parts to be evaluated as soon as they are completed;
  • On EssayLancers.com you can find help with speech writing tasks of any type: writing, editing, proofreading and more. So, don’t hesitate to order professional speech writing service from top freelance writers now!

Writing Agencies

  • Don’t know who’s working on your paper
  • Don’t have one-to-one access to a writer
  • Pay a lot with standardized pricing


  • Hire a freelancer of your choice
  • Communicate directly with a writer
  • Pay less thanks to a lower service fee
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Find Your Own Private Speech Writer on EssayLancers.com

EssayLancers.com is a writing platform where you not only can find a specialist in your discipline to prepare a speech sample for you, but find out everything about the person prior to hiring him. Want a speech on pediatric care to be written by somebody who has worked as an actual therapist dealing with speech development in kids? Look through the profiles of our writers, and you will most likely find specialists in the most unlikely subjects. Study examples of their works at your leisure, and you will see that writers working through EssayLancers.com deal with almost any topics, such as:

  • Apraxia, Stammering, Stuttering and Articulation Disorders: Stroke as a Reason of Speaking Impairment in Old Age;
  • Autism and Conditions of Autistic Spectrum and Their Connection with Delay in Verbal Development in Toddlers and Preschoolers;
  • Child and Toddler Speech Impediment and Disability Treatment and Therapy from the Pathologist’s Viewpoint.

So… Are you ready to use their custom speech writing service?

There Are Hundreds of Custom Speeches on EssayLancers.com – Find the One for Yourself Now!

If you need help with assignments involving speech writing, you are sure to find relevant experts through EssayLancers.com. Among them, there are no high school students trying to make an extra buck – all of them are adult people with extensive experience in their chosen fields of expertise as well as sufficient materials and resources to deliver top-notch custom speeches. Feel free to study their profiles prior to hiring – it includes both their track record and rating based on evaluation of their work by previous customers. We suggest that you give preference to Verified writers – those who have verified their personal and educational information with the platform. It’s important that you speak the same language with them.

However, all the writers working through EssayLancers.com are among the most motivated and skilled in their field – for the simple reason that they are not afraid of working directly with students and selling their own custom speech writing service and not using a writing company or writing apps to stay anonymous.

Your Security Is Our Primary Concern

Some students voice certain concerns about the safety of using a writing platform: “I want to make sure that that my order that is sent to me is completely plagiarism free and that my account is secure”. When you deal with EssayLancers.com, all your doubts are unfounded. Firstly, the payment is never transferred to the man you’ve hired until you approve of the speech sample you receive from him. Secondly, we are very careful to maintain our clients’ confidentiality – you don’t even have to submit any personal data when signing up. So worry not – place an order and let professional writers solve your problems. No more “Speech Writing for Dummies” requests!