Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions Use (hereinafter, the “Terms”) govern the relations between: ESSAYLANCERS, Hereinafter “The Website” or “ESSAYLANCERS”, on the one hand, and Users of the Website referenced as “https://essaylancers.com”, as self-identified upon the creation of their account on the aforementioned Website, Hereinafter, jointly or singly, the “Clients” or the “Client”, On the other hand.

The Website is owned and operated by ESSAYLANCERS.

By using the Website, Clients acknowledge that they enter a contractual agreement with ESSAYLANCERS consequently constituted by these Terms. In addition, it is the responsibility of each Client to ensure they have full legal authority to enter such a contractual agreement and be legally bound by it.

Article 1 - Definitions

The “Website” is an Internet platform accessible at https://essaylancers.com, and including all subdomains thereof. The Website serves as a platform for the Services to be provided.

The “Services” include different kinds of written assignments such as academic essays, research papers, dissertations or any other written task required by a Client.

The “Terms & Conditions”, or “Terms” are the present Terms and Conditions, stated in the articles hereinafter, as well as the Privacy Policy and the Money Back Guarantee.

“We”, or “Us” identifies EssayLancers, a company registered in Czech Republic. Contact details of the company are presented in Article 21 of these Terms.

“You”, or “Client” refers to any individual or legal entity registered on the Website and owner of an Account. This includes any person, legal or natural, submitting, bidding on or executing an order on the Website, uploading information or transferring a payment on ESSAYLANCERS.

The “Writer” identifies an individual or a legal entity offering paid writing services to Clients on the Website.

An “Account” is a section of the Website restricted to the Client or Writer owning it, personalized with his or her information. An Account is automatically created upon Client and Writer registration on the Website and requires a unique name and password.

An “Order” refers to an electronic request placed on the Website by a Client for a specific writing assignment. The Order should lay out the scope of work and any other Client requirement regarding the final written Product.

A “Product” is the written service delivered in digital form by a Writer following the acceptance of an Order. It shall be satisfactory for the Client in accordance with the requirements stated in the Order.

“Client information” refers to information submitted by a Client on the website for reference or as an example. It may be submitted in any digital format. Requirements pertaining to the size and format of Client information is at the discretion of ESSAYLANCERS.

Article 2 - Presentation of the service

ESSAYLANCERS is an Internet platform accessible through available technologies, and particularly through the use of a computer or a mobile terminal, at the https://essaylancers.com address, allowing Clients to buy essay writing services from Writers through a platform. The hiring process of a Writer is conducting through a bidding system. Clients may also buy custom essay samples on the topic of their choice from a writing specialist registered on the Website.

Upon registration, all Clients accept these Terms of Use.

By accessing the Website and registering prior to using it, as described in Article 3 hereunder, Clients acknowledge that they meet the requirements to become Clients, as defined in Article 3.1 hereunder, that they have read these Terms of Use, and that they agree to abide by them unreservedly; these Terms of Use consequently constitute a contractual agreement (hereinafter, the “Contract”) between each Client and ESSAYLANCERS.

Should a Client refuse to comply with any of the obligations and conditions contained in these Terms of Use, he or she shall be invited not to access the Website nor to use it.

Article 3 - Order Placement and Registration

3.1 To register on the Website, the Client must have reached the legal age of majority in his or her country of residence and/or have the capacity to enter into an agreement under the law.

3.2 Upon registration, each Client is required to complete the mandatory registration form, accessible online on the Website, using a valid email address he or she owns. It is required for each Client to be reachable at the email address provided, as ESSAYLANCERS may be required to contact the Client as part of the Service provided. Registering with an incorrect email address shall be deemed a violation of these Terms.

3.3 Simple Orders can be placed on the Website by registered Clients at no cost. To place an Order, a completed profile page containing exact, truthful, current and complete information concerning the Client’s identity and personal data is also required. Once and Order has been posted, Writers can begin the bidding process.

3.4 Two types of Special Orders require the payment of a fee on the Website. These Orders are:

  • ‘Hidden Tasks’, which are not publicly accessible and cannot be referenced on other websites and online platforms; and
  • ‘Urgent Tasks’, which are given a priority status and are placed at the top of the Order list for better visibility. Urgent Tasks appear in alphabetical order for Writers notice.

3.5 Clients shall choose a specialty fields when submitting an Order on the Website. To place a bid on a specific order, a Writer should be specialized in the corresponding field. During the bidding process, all communication between the Writer and the Client shall be carried out using the Website’s messaging feature. Each Writer must collect all necessary details to complete the written assignment before agreeing to it. Once a Client accepts a bid from a given Writer, the amount of money agreed upon must be deposited on the EssayLancers balance provided by the Website. Clients shall not communicate their personal information to Writers, nor invite them to carry out any form of work outside the Website.

3.6 The Website offers a messaging system, to be used for communication. It is accessible on each Client’s personal profile page. The messaging system may also be used by the ESSAYLANCERS support team to reach both Clients and Writers. Clients and Writers are responsible for checking their inbox regularly for new messages and addressing any concern, question or additional instruction communicated via this interactive feature.

3.7 Order status may be tracked on the Website thanks to a tracking system provided by ESSAYLANCERS. Clients and Writers may also check on the percentage of work completed using this feature. There are five (5) possible Order statuses:

  • ‘Bidding’: the job Order has been created and is open for Writers to bid on.
  • ‘In Progress’: a Writer’s bid has been approved by the Client. The Writer is required to deliver a Product, which can consequently be reviewed by the Client until all requirements stated in the Order have been met.
  • ‘Completed’: the Client deems the Product satisfactory and releases the amount of money agreed upon with the Writer. To do so, the Client must click on the ‘Accept and Pay’ button. No more revisions of the Product can be requested.
  • ‘Cancelled’: the Client and the Writer have reached a mutual agreement to stop working on the Order and cancel the project. The Client is not required to release any amount of money corresponding to a non-submitted or a non-approved milestone to the Writer.
  • ‘In dispute’: Client/Writer disagree to cancel the task and the decision is to be made by our support manager. This is the temporary status, the manager than decides the permanent order status.

Article 4 - Payment

4.1 Simple Orders with no particular status are displayed on the Website free of charge. However, as stated in Article 3.4, special Orders require the payment of a fee to ESSAYLANCERS in order to be displayed and open for bidding.

Special Order fees are non-refundable.

4.2 The Client may fund his Account with the corresponding amount of money at any point in time. The full amount agreed upon with the selected Writer must however be deposited on the Website at the time of bid acceptance. The money shall be released by the Client once each milestone agreed upon with the Writer has been completed. ESSAYLANCERS shall no longer accept complaints or request regarding this milestone once this step has been completed.

Once the Product has been delivered by the Writer and approved by the Client, final payment must be released. ESSAYLANCERS shall no longer accept complaints or request regarding this Order once this step has been completed.

4.3 If the Client does not release the final payment to the Writer within five (5) days following the validation of a Product and the completion of an Order or a milestone, the due sum shall be automatically transferred to the Writer and the Order and/or milestone status shall automatically be changed to ‘Completed’.

In the event of an Order being in an intermediary milestone, the current milestone amount shall automatically be released to the Writer and the Order status shall automatically change to ‘Completed’.

4.4 It is the Client’s responsibility to pay any required taxes, including services or value added taxes, applicable in his or her country of residence and the jurisdiction of the Services provided. Ad valorem taxes may also be applied in certain jurisdictions on some fees charged by ESSAYLANCERS. If required, these taxes shall automatically be applied by ESSAYLANCERS to the Website fees billed to the Client.

4.5 Clients and Writers acknowledge they must and agree to comply with their obligations under income tax provisions in their applicable jurisdiction.

Article 5 - Order Processing

5.1.Order volume. The volume of each Order is measured by the number of pages required. One page equals approximately two hundred and fifty (250) to five hundred (500) words. Final Products are required to match the number of pages required by the Client in the Order. In case of the non-compliance of the volume delivered, the Client may request a revision of the Product.

5.2.Changes in Order details. Changes in Order details and modification of the scope of work can only be submitted by the Client if the Writer has not started working on the project yet. If the Writer has started his or her work, no changes or modifications to the Order shall be accepted. Should the Client alter the Order volume of the scope of work, the current Order must be cancelled and a new one submitted with the new requirements.

5.3.Resources. In the case that resources are necessary to complete the task and deliver a Product, the Client must specify their nature and, whenever possible, provide them to the Writer.

5.4.Communication. Clients and Writers can communicate using the messaging feature available on the Website. The messaging feature is available 24/7. Communication with the ESSAYLANCERS support team should be conducted via the messaging system available on the Website.

5.5.Progress tracking. Order progress and status can be tracked in each Client’s personal Account. Progress tracking can also be done through communication between the Client and the Writer.

Article 6 - Order Delivery

6.1 It is the Writer’s full responsibility to deliver the Product according to the deadline agreed upon with the Client.

6.2 Once ESSAYLANCERS has transmitted the Product to the Client, the Client is responsible for ensuring his or her own access to the Website in order to retrieve it. Neither ESSAYLANCERS nor the Writer can be deemed responsible for a non-transmission of the final Product due to an invalid or incorrect email address provided by the Client, spam filters, Internet outages, general negligence, or any other reason beyond ESSAYLANCERS control. Should a problem occur with the delivery of a product, the Client should contact ESSAYLANCERS support team.

6.3 It is the responsibility of the Client to download and save the Product in a timely manner once it has been delivered.

6.4 Terms and conditions for refund are stated in the Money Back Guarantee.

Article 7 - Order Revision

7.1 Once the Product has been delivered by the Writer, Clients can request revisions until the final payment has been released.

7.2 At their discretion, ESSAYLANCERS can limit the number of Product revisions requested by a Client to a Writer if the request is deemed unreasonable or shows obvious signs of exploitation.

Article 8 - Refund Policy

ESSAYLANCERS refund policy is detailed in the Money Back Guarantee. ESSAYLANCERS is responsible to ensure the delivery of a quality Product within the time frame agreed upon during the bidding process between the Client and the Writer.

Article 9 - Use of Products

9.1 Upon payment of an Order, Clients agree to use final Products solely for personal, non-commercial purposes. The amount of money paid by the Client must take into account the time and effort put in by the Writer to conduct relevant research and write a paper in accordance with the requirements laid out in the Order, as well as the maintenance and administration required to operate the Website.

9.2 Products are to be used for personal purposes only and shall not be reproduced, modified, distributed or displayed in digital form or as a hard copy.

Article 10 - Plagiarism

When placing an Order on the Website, Clients acknowledge and agree that:

  • ESSAYLANCERS can cancel any contract, agreement and/or registration to the Website with any person, natural or legal, who induces a Product is their original work. Furthermore, Products originating from ESSAYLANCERS shall not be distributed to or shared with third parties for any purpose, nor shall they be exchanged against payment. ESSAYLANCERS reserves the right to refuse any further work with a Client who is suspected to have distributed a Product or to have acted inconsistently with those Terms and Conditions. ESSAYLANCERS shall also refuse any further work with Clients suspected to have plagiarized a Product delivered through the Website.
  • Once a Product has been delivered, Client shall not append his name on it. Products are delivered solely for research and reference purposes. ESSAYLANCERS does not condone nor encourage plagiarism in any form, or any other kind of academic fraud and dishonesty. While providing its Services, ESSAYLANCERS abides by all applicable copyright laws and forbids all Clients to engage in acts of plagiarism or breach any applicable copyright law. By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, Clients acknowledge that all products delivered by ESSAYLANCERS, including custom written samples, may be used solely for research purposes, or as an example on which to base their own research and writing off of. Whole sections taken from a Product may be used in Client’s original work solely if it is properly cited and referenced.
  • Clients are fully responsible for the use they make of the Products delivered by ESSAYLANCERS. ESSAYLANCERS and its affiliates shall not be held liable for any unethical, inappropriate, illegal or any other wrongful use of any material provided by the Website, including plagiarism, lawsuits, poor grading, expulsion, academic probation, loss of scholarships, awards, grants, prizes, titles, positions, failure, suspension, or any other disciplinary or legal actions. ESSAYLANCERS shall not be liable for any legal or disciplinary action against a Client following the use of a Product delivered by the Website.

Article 11 - Personal Data and Payment Information

Terms and Conditions regarding the collection and use of personal data and payment information by ESSAYLANCERS is stated in the Privacy Policy.

Article 12 - Account Information and Security

12.1 To register on the Website, the Client must provide a valid email address and a unique password.

12.2 The information shared in each Client’s Account shall not be disclosed to or shared with third parties.

12.3 The Client is the only responsible for all activities carried out from his or her Account, and the Orders placed on the Website with his or her profile. If a Client suspects a third party is in possession of his or her password, he or she should take action and modify his or her password through his or her personal Account. To do so, he or she must click on the “Change email or password” button in Settings section after logging in.

Article 13 - Termination and Suspension of Use of the Website

13.1 The Website shall only be accessed and used for personal and non-commercial purposes.

13.2 The Contract is agreed to for an indeterminate term, starting from the Client’s acceptance of these Terms of Use.

13.3 All or part of the Website shall not be used for any illegal purpose, and in particular:

  • the dissemination of any unlawful, harassing, defamatory, abusive, threatening, harmful, obscene, or otherwise objectionable material, including the breaching of laws;
  • the transmission of content encouraging acts constituting a criminal offense, or otherwise breaching any applicable laws;
  • the interference with any other Client’s use of the Website; or
  • the making, transmission or storage of electronic copies of materials protected by a copyright without the permission of the owner.

13.4 If any of the provisions stated in those Terms and Conditions is infringed, the Client shall be liable for any loss or expenditure arising from this breach. In such a situation, ESSAYLANCERS also reserves the right to terminate this Client’s access to and use of the Website.

13.5 Should a Client’s activity on the Website affect its normal and lawful operation, or adversely affect other Clients, ESSAYLANCERS shall suspend his or her Account and use of the Website Services until a proper investigation has been carried out.

13.6 Should a Client attempt to contact a Writer outside of the Website, he or she shall be deemed in violation of these Terms and Conditions.

Article 14 - Intellectual Property

14.1Intellectual Property Rights of the Products. All Products delivered by ESSAYLANCERS have been drafted by a specific Writer. All copyrights and intellectual property rights pertaining to a Product delivered by ESSAYLANCERS is retained by ESSAYLANCERS and/or its affiliates where appropriate.

Once the full payment of a Product has been received, Clients are granted a non-exclusive license of solely personal and non-commercial use on the said Product.

By abiding to these Terms and Conditions, Clients recognize they shall not distribute, publish, transmit, modify, display or create derivative works from, or exploit the Product and/or part or all of the Website, unless ESSAYLANCERS has granted its prior written consent.

14.2Intellectual Property Rights of materials supplied by Clients. Clients are responsible to guarantee the resources they provide as reference or source material for an order do not infringe upon the intellectual property or other rights of any other person, or violate any applicable laws. Where appropriate, Clients shall be liable for any loss suffered by ESSAYLANCERS caused by the breach of intellectual property rights.

14.3Intellectual Property Rights of the Website. ESSAYLANCERS retains all intellectual property rights and licenses pertaining to the Website. Those rights and licenses are not intended to and shall not be transferred to any Client, Writer, or any other third party who has access to the Website.

Clients shall not copy, disseminate nor download all or part of the Website, except in situations such as the delivery of a Product as stated in these Terms and Conditions or otherwise priorly agreed with ESSAYLANCERS.

14.4Sources used. Sources used and cited in the Products are solely delivered for referencing purposes.

Article 15 - Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

15.1 ESSAYLANCERS does not guarantee the Website will fully satisfy each Client’s expectations and requirements, nor is ESSAYLANCERS responsible if the Client’s equipment does not support the technology required to access and use the Website and its Services.

15.2 The Website is an Internet platform accessible through technologies independent of ESSAYLANCERS. Due to the specific nature of the Internet, access to the Website may be interrupted or restricted at any time due to a reason beyond ESSAYLANCERS’ control; in such cases, ESSAYLANCERS cannot be held liable. ESSAYLANCERS cannot guarantee the use or content of the Website is appropriate in each Client’s jurisdiction.

Nor may ESSAYLANCERS be held liable should access to the Website be interrupted due to maintenance operations, updates or technical improvements, or due to operations intended to upgrade the Website’s contents and/or presentation, as such interruptions will be notified and will not exceed common relevant practices. In case the above-mentioned interruptions appear during ordering and/or payment procession, the ESSAYLANCERS support team takes upon themselves to clarify and eradicate the problem(s), but does not guarantee the successful outcome for all website users regarding the orders and payments that have been affected.

Furthermore, ESSAYLANCERS may interrupt the access to the Website and Service, whether temporarily or definitely, particularly in the case of its terminations of the activity in question, or in the event of any court-ordered or amicable liquidation of the company; in these last cases, this contract shall be terminated ipso facto.

15.3 ESSAYLANCERS is not responsible for the content of third party Internet websites to which hypertext links found on the Website may redirect. When using third party websites, Clients are advised to read the corresponding Terms and Conditions of Use.

15.4 ESSAYLANCERS cannot be liable for any loss or damage following a modification of the Website.

15.5 ESSAYLANCERS cannot be liable for the following situations, arising in connection with the Products and/or the Services provided on the Website:

  • phone, electronic, hardware or software, network, Internet, email, or computer malfunctions, or failures of any kind;
  • issues linked to computer and/or email transmissions;
  • any condition caused by events beyond ESSAYLANCERS’ control that might cause the Product and/or Services to be delayed, disrupted, or corrupted;
  • any injuries, losses or damages of any kind arising in connection with, or as a result of, using the Services; or
  • any printing or typographical errors in any Product.

15.6 In the event of a Client’s death, and upon production of the applicable support documents, the account will be deactivated. Its contents shall only be forwarded to the Client’s beneficiaries following a court ruling. Nothing contained in these Terms is intended to limit or exclude any liability for death or personal injury arising from negligence or fraudulent misrepresentation.

Article 16 - Miscellaneous

16.1 The rights and ownership stated in these Terms are not transferable by any Client to any third party. Clients accept, expressly and in advance, that ESSAYLANCERS may transfer or surrender part or all of its rights and obligations stated in these Terms and Conditions, to any party likely to provide Clients with a similar Service.

Shall such a situation occur, the grantor shall substitute ESSAYLANCERS and ESSAYLANCERS shall be freed from all obligations to the Client, from the transfer date onwards.

Clients acknowledge the grantor shall immediately becomes their contracting partner.

16.2 Should a Client infringe upon these Terms and ESSAYLANCERS decides not to act, ESSAYLANCERS remains entitled to make use of their rights at a later date, or if any similar situation should arise again.

Article 17 - Notices

17.1 All notices from Clients to ESSAYLANCERS shall be put in writing and addressed to ESSAYLANCERS support team.

17.2 ESSAYLANCERS shall communicate notices to Clients by:

  • displaying them on the Website;
  • displaying them on a Client's personal Account page; or
  • emailing them to the email address provided in the Client’s Account.

Article 18 - Applicable Law

18.1 The conclusion, interpretation and validity of these Terms of Use and of the Contract are governed by the Laws of England and Wales.

18.2 In case of a dispute related to these Terms, all parties involved should make all appropriate efforts to resolve the dispute amiably. Should the parties involved fail to reach consent, the London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA) shall take over in the dispute resolution.

18.3 Both Clients and ESSAYLANCERS agree to not bring any dispute in arbitration on a class, collective, or representative basis on behalf of others.

Article 19 - Amendments

ESSAYLANCERS may modify these Terms at any time and without prior notice. The Client is therefore invited to consult the latest updated version thereof on a regular basis, freely available and permanently accessible from the homepage of the Website, by clicking on the “Terms and Conditions” link.

These Terms shall be applicable as soon as they have been uploaded on the Site.

Article 20 - Additional Terms and Conditions; EULAs

ESSAYLANCERS uses the services of Paypal for payment transaction and collection. While the transaction is being processed, Paypal is responsible for the purchase, payment, and customer support related to the payment. Upon delivery, responsibility is transferred back to ESSAYLANCERS. Paypal is operated under its own Terms and Conditions and is not subject to these Terms.

In addition, the purchase of certain products may also require Clients to agree to one or more End-User License Agreements (or "EULAs") that may include additional terms set by the product supplier rather than by ESSAYLANCERS or PayPal. Clients will be bound by any EULA they agree to.

ESSAYLANCERS is responsible for providing warranty, maintenance, technical or product support services in relation to the Services sold on the Website. ESSAYLANCERS shall also be liable for any liabilities elated to fulfilment of orders, and EULAs entered into by the End-User Customer.

Clients are responsible for paying any fees, taxes or other costs associated with the purchase and delivery of Products resulting from charges imposed by their relationship with payment service providers or the duties and taxes imposed by local customs officials or other regulatory body.

Where possible, ESSAYLANCERS will work with Clients to resolve any disputes arising from a purchase.

Article 21 - Legal Information

Should Clients require further information about the Website or the Services provided, they shall contact ESSAYLANCERS by phone, email or through the messaging feature on the Website.


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