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(26.12.2016 14:07) in thread Typing speed troubles!

Some people say that each finger should be responsible for the certain amount of key buttons. But I can’t even understand how to do this. Are my fingers so naughty? Does anyone use such a method of typing?

(23.11.2016 08:08) in thread Feedback about need

It really provides writers with a number of works, but still there are some crucial cons. The 300% fines and the difficulties to get in touch with them. If they fix these faults, they’ll be considered the best.

(06.09.2015 20:26) in thread Is here anybody from India ?

hi) I'm not from India

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Siddharth21689 (13.09.2013, 13:25)

Hi Please provide me with your work samples and also tell me your rates for one page of 275 words. Also tell how much workload can you handle in terms of pages on daily basis?

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